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Notes on what was done to miriad for the MIR4 transition:
MIR42 notes: (June 2011)
- large fits files (8+ GB)
- new memory managment (mm)
- new ptrdif (close to an earlier WSRT version using prtdiff_t) for mm
- mosaicing changes
- WCSLIB integration
- (more to come)
MIR41 notes:
intf2c.c longinteger in .f2c files
int8 is used, and become 'int' or 'long long int'
depending on -DMIR4 (via miriad.h)
scrio.c scrread/scrwrite are now using int8, which again
via -DMIR4 will become int vs. long long int
mapper.for use integer*8 offset8, length8
model.for use integer*8 offset8, length8
It is quite possible, since other integer variables are used to compute
the offset8 and length8, that UV files cannot be arbitrary large.
Probably important to note that we decided to keep ncorr and nwcorr
as integer*4
this will be quite hairy to figure out
problem cases:
gpcal.for arrays are not addressed in main / compareg, complicating
figuring out sizing w.r.t. MAXANT
16 26870912
32 27141248
64 28801152
128 34598528
256 57661568
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