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@@ -12,10 +12,13 @@ on getting code generation and optimization right. Work on fast
compilation, robustness, memory management, etc. will come later.
Also, the C++ interface simply doesn't exist yet.
-See `pike-regex.c` for a clumsy example: it takes Pike's tiny
-sub-regular-expression matcher, and compiles it straightforwardly to
-native code. The clumsiness is mostly caused by the fact that next to
-none of the convenience functions have been implemented.
+See `pike-regex.c` for an example: it takes Pike's tiny
+sub-regular-expression matcher, and compiles it very naively, and then
+a bit less naively, to native code. The naive compiler simply marks
+the regex argument as constant; the less naive compiler explicitly
+specializes the regex argument, in the spirit of compilation to
+closures (except that closures are further specialised and inlined in
Runtime Specialisation

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