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Try and be robust in face of numerical instability

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pkhuong committed Dec 17, 2013
1 parent d17d65e commit df036c9e37420df532739a66bc53eee82b209f26
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  1. +7 −10 affine-scaling.lisp
@@ -148,18 +148,14 @@
(affine-c state)
(affine-A state)))
(g (matlisp:m.* dg slack)))
;; better be a descent direction
(assert (minusp (matlisp:dot g (affine-c state))))
;; and better satisfy the equality constraint
(assert (< (matlisp:norm (matlisp:m* (affine-A state) g))
(let ((step (* *gamma* (max-step l x u g)))
(norm-g (matlisp:norm g)))
(when (> step 1d10)
(error "Unbounded problem"))
(format t "~12,5g " norm-g)
(when (< (min (* step norm-g) norm-g) 1d-6)
(when (or (< (min (* step norm-g) norm-g)
(* 1d-8 (matlisp:nrows g)))
(plusp (matlisp:dot g (affine-c state))))
(return-from one-affine-scaling-iteration
(values state nil)))
(setf (affine-x state)
@@ -197,7 +193,7 @@
(declare (type affine-scaling-state state))
(let* ((residual (residual state))
(norm (matlisp:norm residual)))
(cond ((> norm 5d-7)
(cond ((> norm (* 1d-6 (matlisp:nrows residual)))
(prog2 (format t "Repair: ~12,5g ... " norm)
(multiple-value-list (one-repair-iteration state residual))
(format t "~12,5g~%" (matlisp:norm (residual state)))))
@@ -215,9 +211,10 @@
(format t "~4d: " i)
(destructuring-bind (state continue)
(one-iteration state)
(let ((residual (matlisp:norm (residual state))))
(let* ((residual (residual state))
(norm (matlisp:norm residual)))
(unless (or continue
(> residual 1d-6))
(> norm (* 1d-6 (matlisp:nrows residual))))
(return (values (matlisp:dot (affine-x state)
(affine-c state))
(affine-x state)

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