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(defun scale-for (width)
(check-type width (real (0) 1))
(loop with scale = 1d0 while (<= (* scale width) 1d0)
do (setf scale (* scale 10d0))
finally (return scale)))
(defun range-and-scale (min max &key (subticks 5))
(check-type min (real 0 1))
(check-type max (real 0 1))
(when (< max min)
(rotatef min max))
(let* ((width (max (- max min) 1d-18))
(scale (scale-for width))
(scaled-min (floor (- (* min scale) 0.0d0)))
(scaled-max (ceiling (+ (* max scale) 0.0d0))))
(values (* subticks scale)
(* subticks (max scaled-min 0))
(* subticks (min scaled-max scale)))))
(defun denormalized-beta-pdf (a b x)
(when (< (min x (- 1d0 x)) double-float-epsilon)
(return-from denormalized-beta-pdf double-float-negative-infinity))
(let ((log-x (log (float x 1d0)))
(log-1mx (sb-kernel:%log1p (- x))))
(+ (* log-x (1- a)) (* log-1mx (1- b)))))
(defun beta-pdf-points-1 (a b scale min max max-value)
(flet ((point (x)
(list x (denormalized-beta-pdf a b (/ x scale))))
(high-resolution (x)
(let* ((points (list x (+ x 0.5d0) (1+ x)))
(pdfs (mapcar (lambda (x)
(denormalized-beta-pdf a b (/ x scale)))
(ceiling (- (exp (- (reduce #'max pdfs) max-value))
(exp (- (reduce #'min pdfs) max-value)))
(loop for i from min to max
collect (point i)
when (< i max)
append (loop with subscale = (min (high-resolution i) 10)
for j from 1 below subscale
collect (point (+ i (/ j (float subscale 1d0))))))))
(defun beta-pdf-mode-density-estimate (a b min max)
(let ((mode (if (or (< a 1) (< b 1))
(* .5d0 (+ min max))
(/ (1- a) (+ a b -2d0)))))
(reduce #'max (list* min max (if (< min mode max)
(list mode)
:key (lambda (x)
(denormalized-beta-pdf a b x)))))
(defun beta-pdf-points (a b scale min max)
(beta-pdf-points-1 a b scale min max
(beta-pdf-mode-density-estimate a b
(/ min scale)
(/ max scale))))
(defun rescaled-pdf-points (points)
(let ((max (reduce #'max points :key #'second
:initial-value double-float-negative-infinity)))
(mapcar (lambda (pair)
(destructuring-bind (x v) pair
(list x (exp (if (eql v double-float-negative-infinity)
(- v max))))))
(defun closed-path-string (points)
(let ((*read-default-float-format* 'double-float))
(unless (null points)
(format nil "M ~A 0 ~{L ~{~,4F ~,4F~} ~} L ~A 0 Z"
(first (first points))
(first (first (last points)))))))
(defun call-with-svg-viewbox (out x-min x-max y-min y-max function)
(let ((*read-default-float-format* 'double-float))
(format out "<svg viewBox=\"~A ~A ~A ~A\" ~
x-min y-min (- x-max x-min) (- y-max y-min))
(funcall function out)
(format out "</svg>")))
(defun call-with-group-class (out class function)
(format out "<g class='~A'>~%" class)
(funcall function out)
(format out "</g>~%"))
(defun draw-distribution (out points max-height)
(format out "<path d=\"~A\"
fill=\"red\" fill-opacity=\"0.25\" ~
stroke=\"transparent\" stroke-width=\"0.01\" ~
transform=\"scale(~,4F, ~,4F) translate(~,4F, 0)\" />~%"
(closed-path-string points)
(/ 1d0
(- (first (first (last points))) (first (first points))))
(- (float max-height 1d0))
(- (first (first points)))))
(defun draw-ticks (out x-min x-max subticks)
(let ((path (with-output-to-string (s)
(loop for i from 0 upto (- x-max x-min)
do (format s "M ~,4F 0 V -2 "
(/ i (- x-max x-min)))))))
(format out "<path d='~A' stroke='white' stroke-width='0.0075' />~%"
(let ((path (with-output-to-string (s)
(format s "M ~A 0 H ~A " x-min x-max)
(loop for i from x-min to x-max by subticks
for counter upfrom 0
do (format s "M ~A 0 V 1 " i)))))
(format out "<path d='~A' stroke='black' stroke-width='0.05' ~
transform='scale(~,4F, 0.125) translate(~,4F, 0)'/>~%"
(/ 1d0 (- x-max x-min))
(- x-min))))
(defun emit-styles (out styles)
(format out "<style type='text/css'>~%")
(loop for (name . size) in styles do
(format out ".~A { font-size: ~A; }~%" name size))
(format out "</style>~%"))
(defun write-limits (out scale x-min x-max)
(format out
"<text x='0' y='0' dx='-0.1' dy='0.2' class='limits'>~,2G</text>~%"
(/ x-min scale))
(format out
"<text x='1' y='0' dx='-1em' dy='0.2' class='limits'>~,2G</text>~%"
(/ x-max scale)))
(defun draw-bound (out scale x-min x-max bound color height)
(format out "<path d='M ~,4F 0 V ~,4F' stroke='~A' stroke-width='0.02' />~%"
(/ (- (* scale bound) x-min) (- x-max x-min))
(* -1d0 height)
(defun draw-ci (out scale x-min x-max ci-min ci-max ci-center)
(let* ((width (- x-max x-min))
(path-string (with-output-to-string (s)
(format s "M ~,4F -0.1 V 0.1 V 0 ~
H ~,4F V -0.05 V 0.05 V 0 ~
H ~,4F V -0.1 V 0.1"
(/ (- (* scale ci-min) x-min) width)
(/ (- (* scale ci-center) x-min) width)
(/ (- (* scale ci-max) x-min) width)))))
(format out "<path d='~A' stroke='grey' stroke-width='0.02' ~
fill='transparent' transform='translate(0, -0.25)' />~%"
(format out
"<text x='~,4F' y='-0.31' dx='-1.25em' class='center'>~
(/ (- (* scale ci-center) x-min) width)
(defun write-symbol (out scale x-min x-max symbol ci-center)
(let ((width (- x-max x-min)))
(format out
"<text x='~,4F' y='-0.075' dx='-0.3em' class='symbol'>~
(/ (- (* scale ci-center) x-min) width)
(defun output-svg (out bound-1 bound-2 ci-min ci-max ci-center
a b &key (subticks 2) symbol)
(let ((min (min bound-1 bound-2 ci-min ci-max))
(max (max bound-1 bound-2 ci-min ci-max))
(ci-center (or ci-center (/ a (+ a b))))
(symbol (cond (symbol symbol)
((> ci-min (max bound-1 bound-2))
"&#x226B;") ; >>
((< ci-max (min bound-1 bound-2))
"&#x226A;") ; <<
((and (> ci-min (min bound-1 bound-2))
(< ci-max (max bound-1 bound-2)))
"&#x2248;") ; ~=
((> ci-min (min bound-1 bound-2))
"&#x2265;") ; >=
((< ci-max (max bound-1 bound-2))
"&#x2264;") ; <=
"&#xbf;")))) ; inverted question mark
(multiple-value-bind (scale x-min x-max)
(range-and-scale min max :subticks subticks)
(let ((pdf-points (rescaled-pdf-points
(beta-pdf-points a b scale x-min x-max))))
(call-with-svg-viewbox out -0.2d0 1.2d0 -0.5d0 0.21d0
(lambda (out)
(draw-distribution out pdf-points 0.49d0)
(format out "~%")
(draw-ticks out x-min x-max subticks)
(emit-styles out
'(("base" . "1.5%")
("limits" . "50%")
("center" . "75%")))
out "base"
(lambda (out)
(write-limits out scale x-min x-max)
(when (/= bound-1 bound-2)
(draw-bound out scale x-min x-max
(min bound-1 bound-2)
"blue" 0.2d0))
(draw-bound out scale x-min x-max
(max bound-1 bound-2)
"red" 0.2d0)
(draw-ci out scale x-min x-max
ci-min ci-max ci-center)
(write-symbol out scale x-min x-max
symbol ci-center)))))))))
(defun svg-data-url (bound-1 bound-2 ci-min ci-max ci-center
a b &key (subticks 5) symbol)
(format t "data:image/svg+xml;base64,~A"
(with-output-to-string (s)
(output-svg s bound-1 bound-2 ci-min ci-max ci-center
a b :subticks subticks :symbol symbol)))))