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(defpackage "RATIONAL-SIMPLEX"
(:nicknames "LP")
"+" "-" "*" "/" "<=" ">=" "="
"POST<=" "POST>=" "POST="
(:use "CL" "CL-PPCRE")
(:import-from "RATIONAL-SIMPLEX"
"POST<=" "POST>=" "POST="
(defun maybe-rational (x)
(if (numberp x)
(rational x)
(defun copy-hash-table (x)
(let ((dst (make-hash-table :test (hash-table-test x))))
(maphash (lambda (k v)
(setf (gethash k dst) v))
(defclass model ()
((name :reader name :initarg :name :initform "Unnamed model")
(sense :reader sense :initarg :sense :initform :minimize)
(obj :accessor obj :initarg :obj)
(constraints :accessor %constraints
:initarg :constraints
:initform (make-hash-table))
(vars :reader %vars
:initarg :vars
:initform (make-hash-table))
(id-var :reader id-var
:initform (make-array 32 :adjustable t
:fill-pointer 0))))
(defgeneric (setf sense) (sense model)
(:method (sense (model model))
(check-type sense (member :maximize :minimize))
(setf (slot-value model 'sense) sense)))
(defgeneric constraints (model))
(defgeneric (setf constraints) (value model))
(defmethod constraints ((model model))
(copy-hash-table (%constraints model)))
(defmethod (setf constraints) (value (model model))
(check-type value hash-table)
(setf (%constraints model) (copy-hash-table value)))
(declaim (type model *model*))
(defvar *model*)
(defclass var ()
((name :reader name :initarg :name)
(id :reader id :initform (length (id-var *model*)))
(model :reader %model :initform *model*)
(lower-bound :reader lower-bound
:initarg :lower-bound
:initform nil)
(upper-bound :reader upper-bound
:initarg :upper-bound
:initform nil)))
(defclass linear-expression ()
((coefs :reader %coefs
:initarg :coefs
:initform (make-hash-table))
(constant :reader constant
:initarg :constant
:initform 0)))
(declaim (type unsigned-byte *constraint-id*))
(defvar *constraint-id* 0)
(defclass constraint ()
((lhs :reader %lhs :initarg :lhs)
(cmp :reader cmp :initarg :cmp)
(rhs :reader rhs :initarg :rhs)
(model :reader %model :initform *model*)
(id :reader id :initform (incf *constraint-id*))))
(defun adjust-linearexpr (dst delta-coefs)
(loop with coefs = (%coefs dst)
for (var . scale) in delta-coefs do
(check-type var var)
(check-type scale real)
(let ((coef (incf (gethash var coefs 0)
(rational scale))))
(when (zerop coef)
(remhash var coefs)))
finally (return dst)))
(defun make-linexpr (&key constant coefs)
(let ((dst (make-instance 'linear-expression
:constant (rational (or constant 0)))))
(adjust-linearexpr dst coefs)))
(defun copy-linexpr (src &key
(let ((new (make-instance
:coefs (copy-hash-table
(%coefs src))
:constant (rational (+ (or constant
(constant src))
(or delta-constant
(adjust-linearexpr new delta-coefs)
(defun linexpr (&optional constant &rest coef-var)
:constant (or constant 0)
:coefs (loop for (coef var) on coef-var by #'cddr
do (when (typep coef 'var)
(rotatef coef var))
(check-type coef real)
(check-type var var)
collect (cons var coef))))
(defgeneric %add (x y z))
(defun add (x y &optional z)
(setf z (or z 1))
(when (realp y)
(rotatef y z))
(assert (realp z))
(%add (maybe-rational x)
(maybe-rational y)
(maybe-rational z)))
(defun sub (x y &optional z)
(setf z (or z 1))
(add x y (- z)))
(defun scale (x scale)
(add 0 x scale))
(defun remove-var (linexpr var)
(check-type linexpr linear-expression)
(check-type var var)
(let ((coef (gethash var (%coefs linexpr))))
(if coef
(sub linexpr var)
(define-modify-macro addf (y &optional (z 1)) add)
(define-modify-macro subf (y &optional (z 1)) sub)
(define-modify-macro scalef (scale) scale)
(define-modify-macro remove-varf (var) remove-var)
(defun rational-simplex:+ (x &rest ys)
(dolist (y ys x)
(addf x y)))
(defun rational-simplex:- (x &rest ys)
(dolist (y ys x)
(subf x y)))
(defun rational-simplex:* (x y)
(when (realp x)
(rotatef x y))
(check-type y real)
(scale x y))
(defun rational-simplex:/ (x y)
(check-type y real)
(scale x (/ y)))
(defmethod %add ((x real) (y real) z)
(+ x (* y z)))
(defmethod %add ((x real) (y var) z)
(make-linexpr :constant x
:coefs `((,y . ,z))))
(defmethod %add ((x var) (y real) z)
(make-linexpr :constant (* y z)
:coefs `((,x . 1))))
(defmethod %add ((x var) (y var) z)
(make-linexpr :coefs `((,x . 1)
(,y . ,z))))
(defmethod %add ((x linear-expression) (y real)
(copy-linexpr x :delta-constant (* y z)))
(defun linexpr-coefs (linexpr &optional scale)
(setf scale (or scale 1))
(let ((coefs '()))
(maphash (lambda (k v)
(push (cons k (* v scale))
(%coefs linexpr))
(sort coefs #'< :key (lambda (x)
(id (car x))))))
(defmethod %add ((x real) (y linear-expression)
(make-linexpr :constant (+ x (* (constant y) z))
:coefs (linexpr-coefs y z)))
(defmethod %add ((x linear-expression) (y var)
(copy-linexpr x :delta-coefs `((,y . ,z))))
(defmethod %add ((x var) (y linear-expression)
(make-linexpr :constant (* z (constant y))
:coefs (acons x 1
(linexpr-coefs y z))))
(defmethod %add ((x linear-expression) (y linear-expression)
:delta-constant (* z (constant y))
:delta-coefs (linexpr-coefs y z)))
(defun model (&key name sense)
(check-type name (or null string))
(check-type sense (member nil :minimize :maximize))
(make-instance 'model :name (or name "Unnamed model")
:obj (make-linexpr)
:sense (or sense :minimize)))
(defmacro with-model ((&key name sense) &body body)
`(let ((*model* (model :name ,name :sense ,sense))
(*constraint-id* 0))
(defun var (&key name (lower 0) upper obj)
(check-type name (or null string))
(check-type lower (or null real))
(check-type upper (or null real))
(check-type obj (or null real))
(let ((var (make-instance 'var
:name name
:lower-bound (maybe-rational
:upper-bound (maybe-rational
(when obj
(addf (obj *model*) var (maybe-rational obj)))
(setf (gethash var (%vars *model*)) t)
(let ((id (id var))
(id-var (id-var *model*)))
(assert (= id (length id-var)))
(vector-push-extend var (id-var *model*)))
(defmethod print-object ((var var) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (var stream :type t)
(format stream "~A [~F:~F]"
(or (name var)
(format nil "v~A" (id var)))
(let ((lower (lower-bound var)))
(if lower (float lower 1d0) "-inf"))
(let ((upper (upper-bound var)))
(if upper (float upper 1d0) "+inf")))))
(defun constraint (lhs cmp rhs)
(check-type lhs (or var linear-expression real))
(check-type rhs (or var linear-expression real))
(check-type cmp (member <= >= =))
(setf lhs (maybe-rational lhs)
rhs (maybe-rational rhs))
(when (and (realp lhs)
(realp rhs))
(return-from constraint
(make-instance 'constraint
:lhs '()
:cmp cmp
:rhs (- rhs lhs))))
(let* ((linexpr (add lhs rhs -1))
(coefs (linexpr-coefs linexpr)))
(every (lambda (coef)
(eql *model* (%model (car coef))))
(make-instance 'constraint
:lhs coefs
:cmp cmp
:rhs (- (constant linexpr)))))
(defgeneric lhs (object))
(defmethod lhs ((constraint constraint))
(make-linexpr :coefs (%lhs constraint)))
(defun add-constraint (model constraint)
(check-type constraint constraint)
(check-type model model)
(assert (eql model (%model constraint)))
(setf (gethash constraint (%constraints model)) t)
(defun del-constraint (model constraint)
(check-type constraint constraint)
(check-type model model)
(remhash constraint (%constraints model)))
(defun constrain (lhs cmp rhs &optional model)
(add-constraint (or model *model*)
(constraint lhs cmp rhs)))
(defun rational-simplex:<= (lhs rhs)
(constraint lhs '<= rhs))
(defun rational-simplex:>= (lhs rhs)
(constraint lhs '>= rhs))
(defun rational-simplex:= (lhs rhs)
(constraint lhs '= rhs))
(defun post (lhs cmp rhs &optional model)
(constrain lhs cmp rhs model))
(defun post>= (lhs rhs &optional model)
(post lhs '>= rhs model))
(defun post<= (lhs rhs &optional model)
(post lhs '<= rhs model))
(defun post= (lhs rhs &optional model)
(post lhs '= rhs model))
(defun print-coefs (coefs numberify stream)
(format stream "~{~A v~A~^ + ~}"
(loop for (var . scale) in coefs
collect (funcall numberify scale)
collect (id var))))
(defun print-constraints (constraints numberify stream)
(let ((rows '()))
(maphash (lambda (k v) v
(push k rows))
(setf rows (sort rows #'< :key #'id))
(dolist (row rows)
(format stream " C~A: " (id row))
(print-coefs (%lhs row) numberify stream)
(format stream " ~A ~A~%"
(ecase (cmp row)
(<= "<=")
(>= ">=")
(= "="))
(funcall numberify (rhs row))))))
(defun print-bounds (vars numberify stream)
(let ((columns '()))
(maphash (lambda (k v) v
(push k columns))
(setf columns (sort columns #'< :key #'id))
(dolist (var columns)
(let ((lb (lower-bound var))
(ub (upper-bound var))
(id (id var)))
(cond ((or lb ub)
(format stream " ")
(when lb
(format stream "~A <= "
(funcall numberify lb)))
(format stream "v~A" id)
(when ub
(format stream " <= ~A"
(funcall numberify ub)))
(terpri stream))
(format stream " v~A free~%"
(defun %print-model (model numberify stream
&aux (*read-default-float-format* 'double-float))
(format stream "Problem~%")
(format stream " ~A~%" (substitute-if-not #\_
(lambda (c)
(digit-char-p c 36))
(or (name model)
"Unnamed model")))
(format stream "~A~%" (ecase (sense model)
(:minimize "Minimize")
(:maximize "Maximize")))
(format stream " obj: obj_var~%")
(format stream "Subject To~%")
(format stream " obj_con: ")
(let* ((obj (obj model))
(coefs (linexpr-coefs obj))
(constant (constant obj)))
(when coefs
(print-coefs coefs numberify stream))
(format stream " - obj_var = ~A~%"
(funcall numberify constant)))
(print-constraints (constraints model) numberify stream)
(format stream "Bounds~%")
(print-bounds (%vars *model*) numberify stream)
(format stream "End~%"))
(defun print-float-model (model stream)
(let ((*read-default-float-format* 'double-float))
(%print-model model (lambda (x)
(float x 1d0))
(defun print-rational-model (model stream)
(let ((*read-default-float-format* 'double-float))
(%print-model model (lambda (x)
(rational x))
(defvar *solvers-path* (format nil "~A/bin/"
(directory-namestring *load-pathname*)))
(defvar *instance-stem* "/tmp/rational-simplex-instance")
(defvar *status-codes* '((1 . :optimal)
(2 . :infeasible)
(3 . :unbounded)
(4 . :unsolved)))
(defun parse-output (s)
(let ((status nil)
(obj 0)
(var-values (make-hash-table :test #'equal))
(time nil)
(*read-default-float-format* 'double-float))
(labels ((parse-status (line)
(register-groups-bind ((#'parse-integer value))
("LP Value: [-+0-9.]+, status ([0-9])" line)
(assert (not status))
(setf status value))
(register-groups-bind ((#'read-from-string sec))
("Time for SOLVER: (.*) seconds." line)
(assert (not time))
(setf time sec)))
(parse-value (line)
(register-groups-bind (name (#'read-from-string value))
("(.*) = ([-+0-9.e/]*)" line)
(assert (not (gethash name var-values)))
(setf (gethash name var-values) value)))
(parse-values (stream)
(loop for line = (read-line stream nil)
while line
do (parse-value line))))
(with-input-from-string (s s)
(loop for line = (read-line s nil)
while line
do (parse-status line)
when (equal line "Solution Values")
do (return (parse-values s)))))
(assert (and status time))
(values obj
(or (cdr (assoc status *status-codes*))
(error "Unknown status code ~A" status))
(defun %solve-with-solver (solver printer basis-p
(lp-file (format nil "~A.lp"
(bas-file (format nil "~A.bas"
(when printer
(with-open-file (s lp-file
:direction :output
:if-exists :supersede)
(funcall printer s)))
(let ((s #+sbcl (with-output-to-string (s)
(sb-ext:run-program (format nil "~A/~A"
*solvers-path* solver)
"-b" ,bas-file
,@(and basis-p
`("-B" ,bas-file))
"-L" ,lp-file)
:output s
:error nil
:wait t))
(format nil "~A/~A -O -b ~A ~A -L ~A"
*solvers-path* solver
bas-file (if basis-p
(format nil "-B ~A" bas-file)
(parse-output s)))
(defun double (x)
(float x 1d0))
(defvar *solvers* '(("dbl_solver" double)
("ldbl_solver" double)
("float128_solver" double)
("mpf_solver" double)
("mpq_solver" rational)))
(defvar *advanced-basis* nil)
(defvar *preserve-basis* t)
(defun %solve (printer trace
&aux (basis-file (format nil "~A.bas" *instance-stem*)))
(let ((success (and *advanced-basis*
(or (stringp *advanced-basis*)
(probe-file basis-file))))
(total-time 0)
(when (stringp *advanced-basis*)
(alexandria:write-string-into-file *advanced-basis*
:if-exists :supersede
:if-does-not-exist :create
:external-format :iso-8859-1))
(loop with count = (length *solvers*)
for i upfrom 1
for (solver numberify) in *solvers* do
(multiple-value-bind (obj status values time)
(%solve-with-solver solver
(and (not (eq numberify prev-numberify))
(lambda (stream)
(funcall printer numberify stream)))
(setf prev-numberify numberify)
(format trace "~A: ~,3F sec ~F (~(~A~))~%"
solver time (double obj) status)
;; FIXME: are basis file sane when !optimal/unbounded?
(setf success (member status '(:optimal :infeasible
(incf total-time time)
(when (= i count)
(return (values status obj values total-time
(and *preserve-basis*
:external-format :iso-8859-1)))))))
(flet ((try-delete (x)
(when (probe-file x)
(delete-file x))))
(try-delete (format nil "~A.lp"
(unless (and *preserve-basis* success)
(try-delete basis-file))))))
(defun solve-with-printer (printer &key (trace *trace-output*)
inexact no-soft-float double-only)
(let ((*solvers* (cond (double-only
(subseq *solvers* 0 1))
(butlast *solvers*))
(t *solvers*))))
(when no-soft-float
(setf *solvers* (remove "float128_solver" *solvers* :key 'first :test 'equal)))
(when *advanced-basis*
(setf *solvers* (last *solvers*)))
(%solve printer trace)))
(defun solve (&key model (trace *trace-output*)
inexact no-soft-float double-only
((:advanced-basis *advanced-basis*) nil)
((:preserve-basis *preserve-basis*) *advanced-basis*))
(setf model (or model *model*))
(multiple-value-bind (status obj values time basis)
(solve-with-printer (lambda (numberify stream)
(%print-model model numberify stream))
:trace trace
:inexact inexact
:no-soft-float no-soft-float
:double-only double-only)
(declare (ignore obj))
(let ((table (make-hash-table))
(obj nil)
(id-var (id-var model))
(*read-default-float-format* 'double-float))
(maphash (lambda (name value)
(cond ((equal name "obj_var")
(assert (not obj))
(setf obj value))
(let* ((idx (parse-integer name :start 1))
(var (aref id-var idx)))
(assert (not (gethash var table)))
(setf (gethash var table) value)))))
(values status (or obj 0) table time basis))))