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Fix w-p-o evaluator, and insert code for &more support in the evaluator

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1 parent 7c00ab2 commit 98906387dbbbea57ea8775d950e61b422b429af5 @pkhuong committed Mar 12, 2012
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  1. +30 −7 src/code/full-eval.lisp
@@ -283,7 +283,8 @@
;;; Used only for implementing calls to interpreted functions.
(defun parse-arguments (arguments lambda-list)
(multiple-value-bind (required optional rest-p rest keyword-p
- keyword allow-other-keys-p aux-p aux)
+ keyword allow-other-keys-p aux-p aux
+ more-p more more-count)
(handler-bind ((style-warning #'muffle-warning))
(sb!int:parse-lambda-list lambda-list))
(let* ((original-arguments arguments)
@@ -300,7 +301,7 @@
((< arguments-present required-length)
(ip-error "~@<Too few arguments in ~S to satisfy lambda list ~S.~:@>"
arguments lambda-list))
- ((and (not (or rest-p keyword-p)) keywords-present-p)
+ ((and (not (or more-p rest-p keyword-p)) keywords-present-p)
(ip-error "~@<Too many arguments in ~S to satisfy lambda list ~S.~:@>"
arguments lambda-list))
((and keyword-p keywords-present-p
@@ -325,6 +326,9 @@
(let ((keyword-plist arguments))
(when rest-p
(push (cons rest (list 'quote keyword-plist)) let*-like-bindings))
+ (when more-p
+ (push (cons more (list 'quote keyword-plist)) let*-like-bindings)
+ (push (cons more-count (length keyword-plist)) let*-like-bindings))
(when keyword-p
(unless (or allow-other-keys-p
(getf keyword-plist :allow-other-keys))
@@ -984,11 +988,27 @@
;;; VOPs which can't be reasonably implemented in the interpreter. So
;;; we special-case the macro.
(defun eval-with-pinned-objects (args env)
- (program-destructuring-bind (values &body body) args
- (if (null values)
- (eval-progn body env)
- (sb!sys:with-pinned-objects ((car values))
- (eval-with-pinned-objects (cons (cdr values) body) env)))))
+ (program-destructuring-bind (pinned &body body) args
+ (labels ((rec (values)
+ (if (null values)
+ (eval-progn body env)
+ (sb!sys:with-pinned-objects ((car values))
+ (rec (rest values))))))
+ (rec (eval-args pinned env)))))
+;;; &MORE contexts are represented as a pair of list/count in the
+;;; interpreter
+(defun eval-%listify-rest-args (args env)
+ (program-destructuring-bind (more count) (eval-args args env)
+ (subseq more 0 count)))
+(defun eval-%more-arg (args env)
+ (program-destructuring-bind (more index) (eval-args args env)
+ (nth index more)))
+(defun eval-%more-arg-values (args env)
+ (program-destructuring-bind (more skip num) (eval-args args env)
+ (values-list (subseq more skip (+ skip num)))))
(define-condition macroexpand-hook-type-error (type-error)
@@ -1044,6 +1064,9 @@
;; Not a special form, but a macro whose expansion wouldn't be
;; handled correctly by the evaluator.
((sb!sys:with-pinned-objects) (eval-with-pinned-objects (cdr exp) env))
+ ((sb!c:%listify-rest-args) (eval-%listify-rest-args (cdr exp) env))
+ ((sb!c:%more-arg) (eval-%more-arg (cdr exp) env))
+ ((sb!c:%more-arg-values) (eval-%more-arg-values (cdr exp) env))
(let ((dispatcher (getf *eval-dispatch-functions* (car exp))))

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