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With this client you can connect with our solution of Identity as a Service (IDaaS) that implements OpenID Connect.

Installation with nuget:

Integration example:

More project details:

Demo online:

Basic params


  • profile

    • Return: doc, first_name.
  • email

    • Return: email, email_verified.
  • phone

    • Return: phone_number, phone_number_verified.
  • offline_access

    • Offline access for a month.


Level 0:
  • only_questions
    • Access only with secret questions.
Level 1:
  • one_factor

    • Access with Clave Nacional | OTP Email | OTP SMS.
  • only_password

    • Access only with Clave Nacional.
Level 2:
  • two_factor

    • Access with Clave Nacional + OTP Email | OTP SMS.
  • fingerprint_mobile

    • Access with Biometric Validation and secret questions.
Level 3:
  • pki_dnie

    • Access with DNIe.
  • pki_dnie_mobile

    • Access with DNIe Mobile (only for android devices).
  • pki_token

    • Access with PJ digital certificate.
  • pki_dnie_legacy

    • Access with DNIe using JNLP (Java 8 installed is required).
  • pki_token_legacy

    • Access with PJ digital certificate using JNLP (Java 8 installed is required).

More params

If you want more params details, you can find it into OpenID Connect documentation:

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