Windows PowerShell module allowing management of SDL Tridion (Content Management System) from the command line
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Tridion PowerShell Modules

This project contains Windows PowerShell modules that allow you to easily interact with the SDL Tridion / SDL Web content management system and perform various administrative tasks.

Currently supported Tridion versions: 2011 SP1, 2013 GA, 2013 SP1, Web 8.1 and Web 8.5.


The modules are available on PowerShell Gallery. As such, they can be installed using the Install-Module cmdlet.

Install-Module -Name Tridion-CoreService 

Note: if you are using an older version of PowerShell (less than version 5), you will need to install PowerShellGet first.

After the installation is complete, import the module(s) using Import-Module to use the features.

Import-Module -Name Tridion-CoreService

Should the above steps fail to work for you, please let us know!


You can get the list of all of the commands by typing this in PowerShell: Get-Command -Module Tridion-*

Each command also has help information available (including examples), which you can read by calling Get-Help nameOfCommand (e.g. Get-Help Get-TridionUser).

If you have any issues or questions, feel free to add an entry under Issues.