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JSON schema for manifest.json files in plugins for Adobe XD CC
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Unofficial JSON schema for manifest.json files for plugins for Adobe XD CC.

You can use the schema (schema.json) for validation or coding assistance by your IDE (with autocompletion, linting etc.)

Please note that this is still a very early version and I'm continually refining the schema, meaning there might still be some mistakes. If you find any issues, please feel free to open an issue or a PR here on GitHub so it can get fixed ASAP 😄


You can either download the schema from this repo or use the (always up-to-date) version hosted at

Below, you'll find some guides on how to use the schema in editors and IDEs. If you don't find your IDE in the list, but know how this can be achieved there, please open a Pull Request adding your editor/IDE of choice to the list so everyone can be as productive as possible developing plugins 😉

Jetbrains WebStorm (tested in version 2018.3)

  1. Go to Settings (Ctrl+Alt+S on Windows)
  2. Go to Languages and Frameworks, Schemas and DTDs, JSON Schema Mappings
  3. Add a new mapping with the + button on the left
  4. Under Schema file or URL, either select the schema file if you have it saved locally or enter
  5. Under Schema version, select JSON schema version 7
  6. Below, click the + button (to add a mapping) and choose Add file path pattern
  7. As a pattern, enter manifest.json and you should be good to go. Alternatively, you can also use Add file and select your manifest file manually...


  1. Go to Settings (Cmd+,)
  2. Search for json.schema
  3. Click on Edit in settings.json
  4. Paste this config
"json.schemas": [
      "fileMatch": [
      "url": ""

Note: The pattern in fileMatch should specifically target the manifest.json file inside your plugin's folder. (This can be changed to suit your needs)

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