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IntranetSubNetwork – A plugin for Piwik that allows you to analyze what IPv4 and IPv6 networks your visitors come from. You may want to switch to the fork kwasib/IntranetSubNetwork with Support for Piwik 2.x.
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This is a fork of the Piwik plugin IntranetSubNetwork from Changes since that version can be seen on

What this plugin does and how it works

I'm using the plugin to see how many visitors of my site were using IPv4 vs. IPv6. You can, however, use it to identify the number of users from your local network (Intranet) or from any other subnet.
This is done by assigning the network different names in the file IntranetSubNetwork.php (see the lines below #131). Here is an example that lets Piwik assign the network label Global IPv4 to any IPv4 visitors:

if (Piwik_IP::isIpInRange($visitorInfo['location_ip'], array(''))) { $networkName = 'Global IPv4'; }

General Installation Instructions

  1. Create the folder ./IntranetSubNetwork in the plugins folder of your Piwik installation.
    Then copy the plugin files into that folder.
  2. (optional) Adopt the networks defined in IntranetSubNetwork.php to your needs.
  3. Activate the plugin on Piwik's settings page.
  4. Add the Visitor Networks widget to your Piwik Dashboard.

Installation as a Git repository

If you know how to use Git, I recommend to install the plugin this way (makes it easier to keep it up to date):

cd /var/www/path/to/your/piwik/installation/plugins/
git clone git://

Upgrading Considerations

If you had the original IntranetSubNetwork plugin (v0.2 by Alain) installed, you should be carefull about upgrading because I changed the name of the binary archive blob. This means that you have to discard the archive tables in your Piwik database when upgrading from this old version.


  • If all you're interested in is IPv6 vs IPv4 users, the plugin IPv6Usage may also do the job for you.
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