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This program will implement distributed chat on virtual ring topology network. Furthermore this program will implement Chang-Roberts algorithm to achieve full ordering of messages.


  • Nodes can freely join into existing ring, based on information about one node (IP:port). First node will join with itself into ring.
  • Ring will recover from unexpected disconnect of one node at the time.
  • One node will be elected as central authority (leader), all messages will be then passed through leader.
  • Leader will be elected using Chang-Roberts algorithm.
  • GUI in Qt, it will also have CLI.
  • Encryption of messages.

How to build documentation

  1. Create virtual environment using: python3.5 -m venv env
  2. Activate virtual environment: . env/bin/activate
  3. Install dependencies: python -m pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. Change directory into docs: cd docs
  5. Build documentation: make html
  6. Open file docs/_build/html/index.html to view documentation.

How to run tests

Run (in installed and activated virtual environment):

python test


pytest -v tests/

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