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Release 7.2.0

  • module: Updated for 5.12 kernels and later (thank you Michael)
  • utility: remove unused headers (thank you Marcel Huber)
  • utility: add CLI support for dm-writecache wrapper
  • utility: Fixed property check bug when parsing sysfs block subtree params (github issue #55)

Release 7.1.0

  • module: Updated for 5.9 kernels and later
  • documentation: Updated copyrights

Release 7.0.1

  • misc: Fixed typo in utility Makefile

Release 7.0.0

  • module: Updated for 5.8 kernels and later
  • module: fixed cache status format typo
  • daemon: Implement http-driven API to monitor/manage rapiddisk/cache functions
  • utility: Removing support for RHEL / CentOS 6.x
  • utility: Restructured userspace CLI
  • test: Restructured and improved test framework
  • misc: Code / documentation cleanup

Release 6.1

  • kernel: added support for 5.7 kernel
  • utility: fixed GCC compilation warnings
  • utility: code style cleanup
  • installer: additional dkms installation/removal cleanup (thank you Shub77)
  • documentation: fixed / updated README to reflect newer dkms installation/removal instructions
  • documentation: updated copyright dates
  • documentation: added AUTHORS file
  • misc: added experimental scripts to enable rapiddisk/cache on root device during boot (thank you Shub77)

Release 6.0-1

  • kernel: Fix dkms version in module/Makefile.
  • installer: modified dkms installation/removal procedures (thank you Shub77)

Release 6.0

  • kernel: Fixed module compilation error with modern version of GCC.
  • utility: Remove dm-crypt code; Not sure why i had it in the first place. Doesn't really belong. Just use cryptsetup.
  • utility: Removed archive/restore code and dependency on zlib. Again, can just use dd and tar. Is anyone even using this?
  • misc: Updated licensing and logo location (thanks Boian!).

Release 5.2

  • kernel: added support for 4.17 kernel.
  • build: Cleaned up module clean Makefile.
  • Updated Copyright years.

Release 5.1

  • kernel: added support for 4.13 kernel.
  • kernel: added support for 4.12 kernel (thank you Marcel Huber).
  • utility: fixed compilation warnings (thank you Marcel Huber).

Release 5.0

  • kernel: Remove kernel mainline specific code (intended for brd replacement).
  • kernel: Change spinlock types to work better with virtio (github issue #13).
  • test: Updated tests to a work with the modern version of RapidDisk.
  • utility: Add JSON output for RapidDisk configuration (requires libjansson).
  • www: remove fat-free (f3) RESTful API.

Release 4.5

  • kernel: cache - Fixed I/O handler bug for 4.8+ kernels
  • documentation: Cleaned up formatting and license disclaimers (thanks Boian!)

Release 4.4

  • kernel: Update to 4.8 and 4.9 kernels.
  • build: Cleaned up Makefiles (thanks Marcel!)

Release 4.3

  • kernel: Add support for the 4.7 kernel (patch supplied by Marcel Huber)
  • packaging: Updated DEB control for PHP changes between Ubuntu 14.04/16.04

Release 4.2-3

  • utility: Fixed bug in make install with nocrypt enabled.
  • documentation: clean up.

Release 4.2-2

  • utility: Added more complex default DES key with backwards compatibility to legacy key.
  • ha: added write around support to HA resource agents.
  • documentation: corrections / clean up.

Release 4.2

  • kernel: Added Write-Around support to rapiddisk-cache.
  • kernel: Fixed LINUX_VERSION_CODE check for rapiddisk-cache to accommodate changes in 3.8.3.
  • utility: Added a nocrypt build flag.
  • utility: Added user definable keys for encryption setup.

Release 4.1-2

  • kernel: Readjusted misaligned discard request check to build on kernels older than 4.3.

Release 4.1

  • kernel: Refuse misaligned discard requests.
  • kernel: Convert ENOMEM to ENOSPC when cannot alloc pages.
  • kernel: Added 4k physical block size attribute.

Release 4.0-4

  • Code cleanup.
  • packaging: Also need to remove CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RAM_COUNT from distro specific packages.

Release 4.0-3

  • utility: Fixed all references of RapidCache to RapidDisk-Cache.

Release 4.0-2

  • utility: Updated fatfree-framework.
  • utility: Addressed bug in RapidDisk REST implementation.

Release 4.0

  • Fixed libcryptsetup build error for RHEL6.
  • Renamed rxdsk/rxcache modules.
  • Did massive cleanup of administration utility code.
  • Converted most (if not all) return codes to POSIX.1 error numbers.
  • Code cleanup in RESTful API.
  • RapidDisk volumes now show up as non-rotational.
  • Cleaned up ioctls in both module and utilies.

Release 3.7

  • Cleaned up kernel module code.
  • Fixed stack overflow bug in administration utility.
  • Fixed error print statement in administration utility.
  • Updated copyright years.
  • Cleaned up build environment, including Makefiles.
  • Fixed bug in configuring encryption on device.

Release 3.6-3

  • Updated/corrected documentation in manual page and in source.

Release 3.6-2

  • Fixed a memory leak in administration utility.
  • Placed better checks before deallocating memory in administration utility.

Release 3.6

  • Updated RapidDisk modules for Linux kernel version 4.4.

Release 3.5-2

  • Updated kernel documentation.

Release 3.5

  • Forcing rxdsk driver to do the drive enumeration. Removed functionality from administration utility.
  • Appropriately initializing major number variable to 0 before registering block device module.
  • Administration utility now checks for sysfs entry of rxdsk and not module name in /proc/modules.
  • Converted sector size input in rxdsk module to KB input. Modified administration utility to this.
  • Fixed bug in check for total rxdsk devices in module.

Release 3.4-2

  • Updated Makefile for tools install to add HA scripts.
  • Fixed bugs with HA scripts (both rgmanager and pacemaker).

Release 3.4

  • Added ability to autoload RapidDisk volumes during module insertion.
  • Fixed bug in RapidDisk (volatile) volume size definition across 32 to 64 bit types.
  • Making use of BIT() macro in the driver.
  • Removed RapidDisk-NV support. It was redundant with the recently kernel integrated pmem code.

Release 3.3

  • Updated code for the 4.3 kernel.
  • Cleaned up the main Makefile.
  • Cleaned up entire driver code. Adjusted formatting.

Release 3.2

  • Replaced procfs management to sysfs.
  • Identified & corrected a couple of memory leaks.
  • Massive code cleanup (intended for kernel submission).
  • Minor code optimizations (slight performance improvements).

Release 3.1-2

  • Fixed on-line menu of administration binary.
  • Updated spec file to autoload modules after install.
  • Corrected package description in spec file.

Release 3.1

  • Fixed memory leak and an exit on failure before removing mutex during a procfs read.
  • Added RESTful test file to test API from CLI.
  • Integrated encryption support via dm-crypt.
  • Enabled RPM builds for Red Hat / CentOS 6 & 7.
  • Enabled RapidDisk YUM repo for Red Hat / CentOS 6 & 7 support.
  • Added Pacemaker and rgmanager resource files to enable HA support.

Release 3.0

  • Added NVDIMM support.
  • Added RESTful API support.
  • Updated administration binary and cleaned up a lot of its code.
  • Removed pyRxAdm graphical wrapper.
  • Fixed bug when erroring during RapidCache module insertion.
  • Cleaned up RapidCache module code (removed procfs entry).

Release 2.13

  • Bug fix with rxadm binary and mapping RapidCache to pre-existing partitions.
  • Added more information to RapidDisk procfs file.
  • Addressed compilation warnings for GCC 5.1

Release 2.12

  • Updated modules for kernel 3.14

Release 2.11

  • Updated rxcache for Red Hat 6.4 (device mapper conflict)
  • Addressed incorrect description of maximum number of rxdsks supported.

Release 2.10

  • Updated modules for kernel 3.10.
  • Updated Makefile for cross compiling install.

Release 2.9.2

  • Addressed a bug in rxdsk print statement (wrong type). Thanks go to Neo for discovering and patching it.

Release 2.9.1

  • Minor update adding DKMS support.
  • Adding support to build and install/uninstall tools separately (i.e. without modules, as in when installing with DKMS).

Release 2.9

  • Added better implementation of BLKFLSBUF ioctl to rxdsk module. This will "flush data" and truncate pages.
  • Added flush command to rxadm utility.
  • Added support for Linux kernel 3.9. Tested on 3.9.2.

Release 2.8

  • Cleaned up code and removed unused and unimplemented caching feature (write-around).
  • Added support for Linux kernel 3.8. Tested on 3.8-rc7.

Release 2.7

  • Made some modifications to the modules' makefile.
  • Added support for Linux kernels 3.6 & 3.7. Tested on 3.6.9 and 3.7-rc8.

Release 2.6

  • Minor rxcache kernel update: Make spinlocks less greedy by removing most of the disable ALL interupts spinlocks and replacing them with spinlocks to disable interrupts ONLY from bottom halves.

Release 2.5

  • Added support for building in 3.4 and later Linux kernels.
  • Update module Makefile to point to a different DESTDIR and KSRC (for cross-compiling)

Release 2.4

  • Removed warning for RapidCache build.
  • Addressed an issue with md raid 1 (mirror) and using rxdsk in which the md driver would routinely send i/o of size 0 and rxdsk would return an EIO, failing the array. Problem and solution found and provided by Dmitry Trikoz of Stratus Technologies.

Release 2.3

  • Addressed warning generated for kernels 3.2 and later with the return type of the blk_queue_make_request request_queue function.
  • Added comments and cleaned error messages in pyRxAdm.
  • Added comments to rxadm files.

Release 2.2.1

  • Added additional functionality to pyRxAdm (add, map, archive, restore) also added some more error checking.
  • Fixed bug in rxadm (archive.c) during the archival process.
  • Updated version no. (cmd/common.h, rxcommon.h) and removed b's to move from beta to production.
  • Added a couple more switches to list version/help info of rxadm (main.c)
  • Cleaned up rxadm logo for pyRxAdm (rxadm_logo_48x48.png)

Release 2.2

  • Added cmd/pyRxAdm wrapper
  • Modifed short-list feature output and modified error statement (cmd.c, common.h)
  • Modified cmd/Makefile
  • Added logo for wrapper (misc/rxadm_logo_48x48.png).
  • Updated version no. (rxcommon.h)

Release 2.1

  • Added --short-list support.
  • Cleaned up debug messages on modules and added a couple of more.

Release 2.0.1

  • Fixed bug #5 relating to using the rxadm utility without any nodes listed in /dev/mapper.
  • Cleaned up a few messages in both rxdsk.c and rxcache.c.

Release 2.0

  • Added rxcache write/read through caching module support.
  • Added rxcache management features in rxadm utility.
  • Modified input for archive/restore in rxadm to not use absolute path for rxdsk node. It maintains a form of consistency across all commands.

Release 1.4

  • Fixed bug #4 by adding the BLKFLSBUF ioctl() command to process. This is specifically for when the user places an rxd node in an mdadm raid array.
    • Added a new test file to test the new ioctl command.
  • Cleaned up the Makefiles a bit and now the user can build and install the kernel module from the root of the package tree as opposed to doing it from the module directory.

Release 1.3.2

  • Fixed bug #3 which was for a warning during the build of rxadm on an x86_64 architecture. Thanks go to Gustaf Ullberg for discovering the root cause and providing a quick solution.

Release 1.3.1r2

  • Removed the "b" from version strings to signify non-beta. This project seems to be production ready.
  • Also added a test suite and some additional test tools for testing data integrity, performance, etc. This will help a lot for feature testing in future releases.

Release 1.3.1b

  • Added check in management utility to make sure that rxdsk node is present before archiving and restoring compressed/ decompressed images.

Release 1.3b

  • Added new feature to archive/restore an rxd volume to/from a zlib compressed data file (many thanks to Simon Ball for suggesting a similar feature).
  • Added discard support.
  • Added an ioctl to handle an invalid query sent by later versions of udev that correspond with Linux kernels 2.6.35 and above.
  • Also integrated patch submitted by James Plummer of Stratus Technologies to address 32 bit limitation of rxadm utility rxdsk creation/resizing by casting the variable to a 64-bit type. Patch also included minor clean up code/optimizations for the same rxadm util.

Release 1.2b

  • Optimized the configuring of the request queue.
  • Added checks to build from 2.6.32 all the way to the latest (currently 3.0.3).

Release 1.1b

  • Added support for dynamic resizing of attached rxdsk volumes.

Release 1.0b

  • Official public release.