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Floorplan for Lovelace is here!

Quick Start

1) Installation

To get started, copy the following files to the www/floorplan folder of your Home Assistant installation (right-click on each file to save directly to disk):

2) Floorplan image

You'll then need an SVG file of your floorplan, and a CSS file for styling. You can use the samples provided to get started. Copy them to the www/floorplan/examples/simple folder of your Home Assistant installation:

In the SVG file, rename the element IDs to match the entitiy IDs you have in your Home Assistant installation.

3) Adding to Lovelace

Add the following to the resources: section of your Lovelace config.

  - type: module
    url: /local/floorplan/floorplan-card.js?v=1.1.14

You can then start adding floorplan cards to your Lovelace config. Under entities:, make sure to add the entity IDs which you want to use in the floorplan:

  - cards:
      - config:
          image: /local/floorplan/examples/simple/simple.svg?v=1.1.14
            - entities:
                - binary_sensor.main_bedroom
                - binary_sensor.living_area
                - binary_sensor.double_garage
                - class: 'binary-sensor-off'
                  state: 'off'
                - class: 'binary-sensor-on'
                  state: 'on'
          stylesheet: /local/floorplan/examples/simple/simple.css?v=1.1.14
        title: Simple Floorplan
        type: 'custom:floorplan-card'
    icon: 'mdi:floor-plan'
    id: system
    title: Floorplan

Note: If you're using the Lovelace editor that is built into the user interface, click on the three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen and select Configure UI. Then click on the three dots again and select Raw config editor. Then you'll be able to add the resources and card described above.

4) Try some examples

To get started with some fully working examples, try some of the floorplans below:

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