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pkp/pkp-lib#7371 Add missing CSRF check
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asmecher committed Oct 19, 2021
1 parent 797ad59 commit 41a389fda32226ad742d2030e4c3f8ef991b9191
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  1. +1 −0 plugins/importexport/datacite/classes/form/
@@ -87,6 +87,7 @@ public function __construct($plugin, $contextId)
// The username is used in HTTP basic authentication and according to RFC2617 it therefore may not contain a colon.
$this->addCheck(new \PKP\form\validation\FormValidatorRegExp($this, 'username', FormValidator::FORM_VALIDATOR_OPTIONAL_VALUE, 'plugins.importexport.datacite.settings.form.usernameRequired', '/^[^:]+$/'));
$this->addCheck(new \PKP\form\validation\FormValidatorPost($this));
$this->addCheck(new \PKP\form\validation\FormValidatorCSRF($this));

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