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ORCID Profile Plugin

NOTE: Please ensure you're using the correct branch. See the Releases area for packaged downloads. We recommend using the Plugin Gallery to install the plugin. For OJS 2.x, see the ojs-dev-2_4 branch.

Plugin for adding and verifying ORCID iD in PKP user profiles and author metadata.

Copyright © 2015-2019 University of Pittsburgh Copyright © 2014-2020 Simon Fraser University Copyright © 2003-2020 John Willinsky

Licensed under GPLv3. See LICENSE.txt for details.

User Documentation


  • Enable site-wide configuration of ORCID API settings using
  • Support ORCID API Version 2.1 (store only https ORCID Ids)
  • Allow journal managers to send e-mails requesting authors for ORCID authorization on submission or later.
  • Automated e-mail based authorization requests to authors when submission enters to production stage.
  • Display ORCID access status and expiration date in Author metadata
  • Support of template based detailed success/failure messages for ORCID authorization redirects.
  • Extra configurable (in plugin settings) ORCID log file in OJS_FILES_DIR/orcid.log for API communication. NOTE: Make sure that the files folder is not publicly accessible

Extra functionalities for ORCID Member organizations

  • Extra e-mail template ORCID_REQUEST_AUTHOR_AUTHORIZATION for requesting API access tokens.
  • Updated template text, e-mail templates for English and German locales.
  • Member API Email-Template activated upon selection of ORCID member API
  • Support for synchronizing submission meta data to authorized records in follwing stage changes:
    • Assign a submission to an already published issue
    • Publish a new issue
    • Author grants permission after the publication of the issue

Technical Workflow description

The included authorization link will have the access scope /activities/update. An author can authorize access to his/her ORCID record to allow the adding of the submission to the record. See for more information.


Use the Plugin Gallery from within your PKP application to install the plugin. For further information refer to PKP|DOCS.



  • Navigate to OJS Folder.
  • if a file called cypress.env.json does not exist, create one.
  • Add the following variables to the root JSON element, according to your server setting
"orcid": {
	"url": "",
	"apiPath": "",
 	"api Type": "Member Sandbox",
	"clientId": "APP-T0XXXXXXXXXXX",
	"clientSecret": "288455445-a3e4-454-9783-454545555",
	"email": "",
	"emailPassword": "Password"

Run all tests

Navigate to OJS folder

  • npx cypress run --config integrationFolder=plugins/generic/orcidProfile/cypress/tests/functional

Run Plugin setup

  • npx cypress run --config integrationFolder=plugins/generic/orcidProfile/cypress/tests/functional/ --spec plugins/generic/orcidProfile/cypress/tests/functional/01-Orcid-Setup.spec.js

Run Authorization

  • npx cypress run --config integrationFolder=plugins/generic/orcidProfile/cypress/tests/functional/ --spec plugins/generic/orcidProfile/cypress/tests/functional/02-Orcid-API.spec.js


  • Navigate to OJS Folder
  • Navigate to cypress folder
  • check logs and screenshots for errors


A plugin to pull ORCID information into a PKP user profile




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