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This is "bithacks.h" C header file and it contains various macros for bit
manipulations. It's accompanied with "bithacks-test.c", which tests all the
It was written by Peteris Krumins (
His blog is at -- good coders code, great reuse.
The code is licensed under the MIT license.
The code was written as a part of the article "bithacks.h - bit hacks header
file" on my website. The whole article can be read at:
Table of contents:
[1] Macros in bithacks.h file
[2] The test program bithacks-test.c
The "bithacks.h" header provides the following macros:
* B8(x) - turns x written in binary into decimal,
* B_EVEN(x) - tests if x is even (bithack #1),
* B_ODD(x) - tests if x is odd (inverse of (bithack #1)),
* B_IS_SET(x, n) - tests if n-th bit is set in x (bithack #2),
* B_SET(x, n) - sets n-th bit in x (bithack #3),
* B_UNSET(x, n) - unsets n-th bit in x (bithack #4),
* B_TOGGLE(x, n) - toggles n-th bit in x (bithack #5),
* B_TURNOFF_1(x) - turns off the right-most 1-bit in x (bithack #6),
* B_ISOLATE_1(x) - isolates the right-most 1-bit in x (bithack #7),
* B_PROPAGATE_1(x) - propagates the right-most 1-bit in x (bithack #8),
* B_ISOLATE_0(x) - isolates the right-most 0-bit in x (bithack #9),
* B_TURNON_0(x) - turn on the right-most 0-bit in x (bithack #10).
The test program "bithacks-test.c" tests all the macros above.
You have to first compile it:
$ gcc bit-hacks-test.c -o bithacks-test
This will create the "bithacks-test" program. Now run it to verify all the
bithacks in bithacks.h:
$ ./bithacks-test
All tests OK.
I explained all the bithacks in bithacks.h in another article "Bit Hacks You
Absolutely Must Know About":
Also see the original article on bithacks.h "bithacks.h - bit hacks header
That's it. Happy bithacking!
Peteris Krumins