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#include <v8.h>
#include <node.h>
#include <node_buffer.h>
#include <cstring>
using namespace v8;
using namespace node;
static Handle<Value>
VException(const char *msg) {
HandleScope scope;
return ThrowException(Exception::Error(String::New(msg)));
EqBuf(const Arguments &args)
HandleScope scope;
if (args.Length() != 2)
return VException("Two arguments required - buffer1 and buffer2");
if (!Buffer::HasInstance(args[0]))
return VException("First argument must be Buffer.");
if (!Buffer::HasInstance(args[1]))
return VException("Second argument must be Buffer.");
Buffer *buf1 = ObjectWrap::Unwrap<Buffer>(args[0]->ToObject());
Buffer *buf2 = ObjectWrap::Unwrap<Buffer>(args[1]->ToObject());
if (Buffer::Length(buf1) != Buffer::Length(buf2))
return scope.Close(False());
return scope.Close(
Boolean::New(memcmp(Buffer::Data(buf1), Buffer::Data(buf2), Buffer::Length(buf1))==0)
extern "C" void
init(Handle<Object> target)
HandleScope scope;
target->Set(String::New("eqBuf"), FunctionTemplate::New(EqBuf)->GetFunction());