A C++ node.js module that does DES encryption and actually works (node's crypto module didn't work.)
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This is a node.js module, written in C++, that DES encrypts given buffer
with the given key. And it actually works, compared to nonsense output that
node.js's crypto module produced.

It was written by Peteris Krumins (peter@catonmat.net).
His blog is at http://www.catonmat.net  --  good coders code, great reuse.



I wrote this module so that I could add VNC Authentication in node-rfb module.
Don't use it for anything else cause DES is completely broken and can be
cracked in a day.

How to use it?

    var ecnrypted_data = require('des').encrypt(key, data_buffer);

Note: data_buffer's length must be a multiple of 8.

How to compile?

    node-waf configure build


Have fun encrypting. Not. (Don't use this module for encryption.)

Peteris Krumins