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Unifies node-png, node-jpeg and node-gif (for great good)
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This is a node.js module that unifies node-png, node-gif and node-jpeg modules.

It was written by Peteris Krumins (
His blog is at  --  good coders code, great reuse.



Node-image module abstracts over node-png, node-gif and node-jpeg modules.
It exports `Image`, and `Stack` objects.

Use the `Image` object to encode individual images of a specific width and
height synchronously (blocking) and asynchronously.

Here is an example that encodes the images synchronously:

    var Image = require('image');

    var png = new Image('png').encodeSync(buffer, width, height);
    var gif = new Image('gif').encodeSync(buffer, widht, height);
    var jpeg = new Image('jpeg').encodeSync(buffer, width, height);

Use `.encode` function to do the same asynchronously. Pass it a callback with
two arguments:

    var Image = require('image');
    (new Image('png')).encode(buffer, width, height,
        function (data, error) {
            // 'data' contains the png image

The buffers must be of node's `Buffer` type and they must hold either RGB, BGR,
RGBA or BGRA values. `Image` object defaults to RGB. To use a differnet buffer
type, pass it as the 2nd argument to `Image's` constructor:

    var png = new Image('png', 'bgra').encodeSync(buffer, 800, 600);

The `Stack` object is used to create dynamic stacks of images in sync and async

What I mean by that is that you can push an image to position (x, y) = (20, 40)
and then push another image to position (x, y) = (1000, 2000), and the image
will grow dynamically. Here is hot to use it:

    var Stack = require('image').Stack;

    var pngStack = new Stack('png');
    pngStack.push(buffer, x, y, width, height);
    var png = pngStack.encodeSync();
    console.dir(png.dimensions()); // prints dynamic png's dimensions

And the same asynchronously:

    var Stack = require('image').Stack;

    var pngStack = new Stack('png');
    pngStack.push(buffer, x, y, width, height);
    pngStack.encode(function (data, dims, error) {
        // 'data' contains the png image and 'dims' contains its dynamic dimensions

See tests/ directory for some examples, it comes with a BGR buffer for testing.
First unpack it:

    tar -xjf desktop.tar.bz2

Then run any of sync.js, async.js, sync-stack.js, async-stack.js examples.


This module depends on:

    * node-png:
    * node-gif:
    * node-jpeg:

Each of these modules comes with documentation. Follow the installation steps
to get them installed.

The steps for all the modules are all the same, run:

    node-waf configure build

in each module's directory.


Have fun producing images!

Peteris Krumins

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