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I know this isn't an issue per se, but...

Are there any plans to make node-lazy work in the browser? I've been through he code and obviously there is the dependency on EventEmitter etc, but this could be worked around using say EventEmitter2.

I understand that you may be thinking that if people want to be using it in the browser then they should implement it, instead of bugging you, But it makes sense to keep it as one project that moves forward, as apposed to a split that (may or may not) go in different directions.

I just think that part of nodes attraction is its ability to reuse code between the server and client. And node-lazy looks like a brilliant project that have many many use-cases.


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pkrumins Dec 7, 2011


Have you tried browserify'ing it?


pkrumins commented Dec 7, 2011

Have you tried browserify'ing it?

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