This module provides some time functions for node.js (i forgot about Date() so this module is useless)
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Oops!!! I forgot about Date() object in JavaScript. So this module is quite
useless now. :)

This is a node.js module, writen in C++, that implements some missing time
functions, such as getting timeval struct and getting unix time.

It was written by Peteris Krumins (
His blog is at  --  good coders code, great reuse.


The module exports three functions:

    * getUnixTime - returns seconds since 1970, Jan 1 (+/- timezone offset)
    * getTimeval - returns timeval struct as object with .sec and .usec props
    * getMilliseconds - returns milliseconds since 1970, Jan 1 (+/- tz offset)

See examples/ dir for working examples.

How to compile?

As usual,

    node-waf configure build

The module will be called `time.node`. To use it, make sure it's in NODE_PATH.

Extra info

This library was written for my and SubStack's StackVM startup:


Have fun with time!

Peteris Krumins