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This is a GreaseMonkey script for translating plurks on the timeline. See if you don't know what Plurk is. My profile is at - come be my friend! :)
This script was written by Peteris Krumins ( for
Peter's blog is at -- good coders code, great reuse.
The code is licensed under the MIT license.
This script has also been released on Plurk's Open Source website:
How to install this script?
You will need FireFox browser and GreaseMonkey plugin. If you have them,
please proceed to step 3. Otherwise also do steps 1 and 2.
Step 1. Download and install FireFox browser. It can be downloaded at the
following address:
Step 2. Install GreaseMonkey FireFox addon. GreaseMonkey allows you to modify
any page (like this one adds translation feature to Plurk's page). GreaseMonkey
can be downloaded here:
Step 3. Install this script. The latest version is always at GreaseMonkey
script repostiory:
Open this link with FireFox and click "Install". Then reload your plurk page.
You will see a new "Translate" button next to each Plurk. Click it once to
If you want the responses to be translated as well, first click on the plurk
to have it opened, and then click "Translate". This will translate the plurk
and also all the responses.
For screenshots see:
And yeah! Follow me on Plurk:
Peteris Krumins