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Quick cd keeps tracks of directoreis you work the most often and allows you
to cd to them in the blink of an eye.
It was written by Peteris Krumins (@pkrumins or
His blog is at -- good coders code, great reuse.
First `git clone`, then make sure to alias
your cd to qcd,
alias cd=qcd
This will record all the directories you ever work in.
After that, bind a keystroke to bring up the list quickly,
bind "\C-[d": "qcd\n"
Now each time you hit Alt-d (or Esc-d), quick cd will pop up a list of most
frequently used directories.
Now if you can use arrow keys to navigate the list, or type a pattern to find
a dir. Hit enter and you'll be transferred to that directory.
That should make you super fast in the shell!
Have fun being quicker in the shell!
Peteris Krumins