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This is the website that I created back in 2008. The route to
university took 30 mins and during this time I didn't have much else to do than
to read reddit. But the orginal website didn't look well under my cellphone's
browser so I created redditriver that was more mobile friendly.
Read the whole story on how it was designed at:
Here is the description of directories in the source tree:
bin - python modules and executables for retrieving reddit stories,
subreddits, finding mobile versions of web pages, and updating
the retrieved data in the database - discovers mobile versions of web pages - retrieves reddit stories on front page or
any given subreddit - retrieves the most popular subreddits - updates stories in the database - updates subreddits in the database
config - configuration files of website, tools and program
autodisc.conf - configuration file of bin/ program - configuration module for bin/,
bin/, bin/,
and web/
db - example sqlite database with 25 subreddits and around 50 stories for
each subreddit, and database schema file. - sqlite3 database with 1351 records in stories table and
26 records in subreddits table
db.schema.txt - database sql shema
html.examples - contains html page fragments of stories, scores,
subreddits and next pages of these were used for
programming data extractors bin/ and
score.txt - html code of
story.txt - html code of a single story on reddit front
page or any subreddit.
subreddit.entry.txt - html code of a subreddit entry at - html code of next page <a> link
locks - directory containing lock files, used by bin/ and
web - the python website/application!!! - application using to serve the contents of the
static - static content of the website, such as favicon.ico,
website logo, my photo with reddit t-shirt and css stylesheet.
templates - templates used by these get rendered by cheetah's
template engine!
Copyright (C) 2008 Peteris Krumins ( - good coders code, great reuse
Released under GNU GPL license.
Peteris Krumins