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# scuttlebutt
+A base-class for real-time replication.
[![browser support](](
-A base class that makes implementing
-data structures for real-time replication easy.
This seems like a silly name, but I assure you, this is real science.
read this:
or if you are lazy: (laziness will get you nowhere, btw)
## Usage
Users may implement a subclass of thier own data model.
two implementations are provided [scuttlebutt/model](#scuttlebuttmodel) and
-also [crdt]( for a subclass with a more
-high-level data model.
+ * [crdt]( higher-level, with sets and sequences.
+ * [r-array]( Replicatable Array.
+ * [r-edit]( Collaborative Text Editing.
+ * [append-only] news feed.
### Replication

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