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First you'll need node.js. Download, unpack and install it from
Next, you'll need npm:
git clone
cd npm
bash ./scripts/
Next, you'll need these node.js modules. They can be installed via npm:
npm install dnode bufferlist rfb png jpeg gif video base64
To get them compiles make sure you have libjpeg, libpng, giflib, libtheora and libogg.
Then get the stackvm itself:
git clone
Next get jquery, jquery-ui and jquery-mouswheel plugin [1].
Put them in static/js/vendor directory and make sure jquery is named just jquery.js,
and jquery-ui is named jquery-ui.js.
Then make sure you have qemu and an image you want to run.
Edit data/users.json to add yourself, and then `mkdir -p users/yournick/disks`. Put the
vm image in that directory.
Then start manager.js:
node bin/manager.js
And then webstack.js:
node bin/webstack.js
Now go to http://localhost:9000.
TODO: proper package.json, auto-fetch jquery stuff