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This is a YouTube video uploader that works without any APIs. It just
simulates what a browser would do and takes all the steps to post the video
and set the video info.
It was written by Peteris Krumins (
His blog is at -- good coders code, great reuse.
The code is licensed under the GPL license.
The code was written as a part of the article "How to Upload YouTube Videos
Programmatically" on my website. It's written in a tutorial style with
careful explanations of how the uploader works. Read the article here:
How to use this program?
The program is called "", short for "youtube upload". If you run it
without arguments, it will output its usage pattern:
$ ./
Usage: ./ -l [login]
-p [password]
-f <video file>
-c <category>
-t <title>
-d <description>
-x <comma, separated, tags>
Since YouTube is now part of Google services, you may specify your Google
login and password to -l and -p arguments.
If you don't want to expose your login and password as command line arguments,
you can also set them in the program as YT_LOGIN and YT_PASS constants.
-f is the path to video file, it can be relative path or absolute path, for
example, -f /home/pkrumins/video.avi. If the path to video contains spaces,
quote the video argument like this, -f "my video.avi".
-c is the category number you want your video to be classified in (see below
for all the possible categories). For example, "-c 10" would set category as
-t is the title of the video. For example, -t "My cat video". You have to
quote the title.
-d is the description of the video. For example -d "My cat sleeping on a
couch". You have to use quotes around the description.
-x is a comma separated of tags. For example -x "cat, peteris, couch, sun".
Tags also have to be quotes.
Here is the list of possible categories (for -c switch):
2 - Autos & Vehicles
23 - Comedy
27 - Education
24 - Entertainment
1 - Film & Animation
20 - Gaming
26 - Howto & Style
10 - Music
25 - News & Politics
29 - Nonprofits & Activism
22 - People & Blogs
15 - Pets & Animals
28 - Science & Technology
17 - Sports
19 - Travel & Places
Here is an example usage of the program:
$ ./ -l '' -p 'my_password' -f ./videoclip.avi
-c 2 -t "Auto race video" -d "Nascar auto race"
-x "car, auto, nascar, race"
Logging in to YouTube...
Uploading the video (foo)...
Have fun uploading your videos!
Peteris Krumins
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