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Minor readme.txt corrections + chmod -x #1

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shlomif commented Jan 10, 2013

Hi Peteris,

you can find some minor readme.txt corrections (missing "the" article etc.) and a chmod -x of the readme.txt in the commits. Please pull.

BTW, I found some trailing space (using my vim configuration) which I did not correct yet.


-- Shlomi Fish

shlomif added some commits Jan 10, 2013
@shlomif shlomif Add a missing "the" article and some quotes.
All explicity or implicit copyrights are herby disclaimed. The changes
in this commit are under MIT/X11 licence or alternatively The Public
Domain/CC-Zero :
@shlomif shlomif Made the README non-executable (chmod -x). 81b7910
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