Grounding statistical machine translation with semantic parsing
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Code for grounded SMT on geoquery data or Free917 data.

(N.b. This has nothing to do with the programming language REBOL [0]!)


###Geoquery: WASP-1.0 includes the geoquery knowledge base and scripts for querying it. The evaluation scripts were slightly modified to produce full outputs. These scripts can be found in data/geoquery/wasp/, and they go into wasp-1.0/data/geo-funql/eval/. WASP-1.0 can be downloaded from here [1].

You'll also need a Prolog environment for geoquery, e.g. SWI-Prolog [2].

We use the a slightly modified implementation of smt-semparse, as described in Semantic parsing as machine translation (Andreas et al, ACL 2013). Our fork can be found here [3]. This software depends on more stuff, e.g. the Moses decoder and SRILM.

###Free917: The parser used for Free917 is sempre, as described in Semantic Parsing on Freebase from Question-Answer Pairs (Berant et al, EMNLP 2013). It can be downloaded here [4] and further dependencies can be found in

###Both: For translation we use the cdec toolkit, [5].

As semantic parsing is quite slow and rebol does it quite often, results are cached with memcached [6].

You'll need the following ruby gems: