A Python script to build commands to blast via IR using the IguanaWorks igclient
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# iguana-blaster
Python command line tool to blast IR commands via the IguanaWorks igclient

A functioning IguanaWorks USB IR Transciever <https://www.iguanaworks.net>
Python 2.7.x must be installed (Python 3.x may work but has not been tested).

To install download and unzip in any directory.  Copy settings-example.py to settings.py
and make any needed changes. See preference file for description of options.  Then copy
the keys-example folder to keys.  This example folder contains the 9 digits and power on
key for the TWC URC1056A03 remote.  These may work for you.  If not, please see the
RECORDINGKEYS.txt file for information on how to create new keys.

Usage: execute.py [-h] [-c CHANNEL | -m 'CMDS'] [-n 'POSTCHANNEL'] [-b 'PRECMD']
                  [-e 'POSTCMD'] [-w WAIT] [-a] [-o]

Optional arguments:
  -h, --help                show this help message and exit
  -c CHANNEL, --channel CHANNEL
                            the channel number
  -m 'CMDS', --cmds 'CMDS'  arbitrary string of commands (separated by pipe)
  -n 'POSTCHANNEL', --postchannel 'POSTCHANNEL'
                            the command to send after the channel number
  -b 'PRECMD', --precmd 'PRECMD'
                            the string of commands (separated by pipe) to send
                            before any other commands
  -e 'POSTCMD', --postcmd 'POSTCMD'
                            the string of commands (separated by pipe) to send
                            after any other commands
  -w WAIT, --wait WAIT      the amount of time (in seconds) to wait between
  -a, --forcepre            force pre commands to run no matter what
  -o, --forcepost           force post commands to run no matter what

If you use a pipe in any command string, you must surround the string with single quotes.
An empty pipe in a command string is interpreted as an extra wait.
-c and -m CANNOT be used together. You will get a command line error if you try.
-n is ignored if you don't use -c