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Cache Implementation:
We have implemented set-associative mapping i.e. a combination of
direct and associative-mapping techniques. Main memory Address is
parsed to the following format:
| Tag Bits | Set Bits | Word Bits |
The number of bits for tag, set and word are calculated from the
block size, cache size and associativity. When we require a
particular memory location, we calculate three variables -
set_num, tag_num, word_num. These are the values of the tag bits,
set bits and word bits, which we get by bitwise anding with
2^tag_bits, 2^set_bits and 2^word_bits respectively.
If the block we require is present, then we return the word from
there. Otherwise, we return the word from the main memory and
add the block into the cache. When we want to add a block into
the cache, we