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LamportClock Synchronisation

Dr.Bad, the most evil mad scientist on the earth has initiated a nefarious plot to destroy earth. Many organisations tried to stop him but he always emerged victorious with his uber super computers. Mankind's only hope rests on Colonel Good. He along with his team need to hack into those uber super computers and find the plans of the nefarious plot by Dr.Bad.

Mission SuperSecret

Objective: To hack into all 3 uber super computers of Dr.Bad and steal the plans of the nefarious plot.

Description: The 3 uber super computers of Dr.Bad are located in 3 different locations. We need to send a team of 3, each one to each location and have them hack into the uber super computers. All the uber super computers need to be hacked in a specific manner such that no two computers are being hacked at the same time.

Team Choices:

  • CIA Agents: They specicalize in hacking uber super computers and will get the job done in less time. But they work alone.
  • Special Rangers: They specialize in team work and hacking super computers. They will find it difficult to hack into uber super computers.

Mission Log

Mission report will be written at the end of the mission and can be found in report

  • Report from Team of CIA Agents can be found in report_agent
  • Report from team of Special Rangers can be found in report_ranger


We learnt how to solve a distributed mutual exclusion problem using Lamport Clock Synchronization. Agents prefer to work alone, so they all ended up hacking the computers at the same time and resulted in the destruction of our planet. Where as, Rangers adore team work and constantly kept communicating between themselves to hack the computers one after the other.