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+# TokenRing
+Dr.Bad, the most evil mad scientist on the earth has initiated
+a nefarious plot to destroy earth. Many organisations tried to
+stop him but he always emerged victorious with his uber super
+computers. Mankind's only hope rests on Colonel Good. He along
+with his team need to hack into those uber super computers and
+find the plans of the nefarious plot by Dr.Bad.
+## Mission SuperSecret
+__Objective__: To hack into all 3 uber super computers of Dr.Bad
+and steal the plans of the nefarious plot.
+__Description__: The 3 uber super computers of Dr.Bad are located
+in 3 different locations. We need to send a team of 3, each one
+to each location and have them hack into the uber super computers.
+All the uber super computers need to be hacked in a specific manner
+such that no two computers are being hacked at the same time.
+__Team Choices__:
+ * _CIA Agents_: They specicalize in hacking uber super computers
+ and will get the job done in less time. But they work alone.
+ * _Special Rangers_: They specialize in team work and hacking super
+ computers. They will find it difficult to hack into uber super
+ computers.
+## Mission Log
+Mission report will be written at the end of the mission and can
+be found in __report__
+ * Report from Team of CIA Agents can be found in __report_agent__
+ * Report from team of Special Rangers can be found in __report_ranger__
+## Learning
+We learnt how to solve a distributed mutual exclusion problem using
+Token Ring message passing. Agents prefer to work alone, so they
+all ended up hacking the computers at the same time and resulted in
+the destruction of our planet. Where as, Rangers adore team work
+and constantly kept communicating between themselves to hack the
+computers one after the other.
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