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ctrlp @ b5d3fe6 Overhauled fuzzyfinder & statusbar
ctrlp-funky @ e808a0a Added vim-orgmode
gundo @ 3975ac8 Overhauled fuzzyfinder & statusbar
nerdtree @ b0bb781 Updated submodules, added vim-golang
simple-pairs @ cb757eb Added a full list of features
tagbar @ be46ee5 Added vim-orgmode
ultisnips @ b6d545e Added vim-orgmode
vim-airline @ d111e4e Added vim-orgmode
vim-bufferline @ 1788138 Overhauled fuzzyfinder & statusbar
vim-coffee-script @ 18c6852
vim-commentary @ 662d654 Added vim-orgmode
vim-css3-syntax @ 4da6a69 Added vim-orgmode
vim-fugitive @ 9649b02 Added vim-orgmode
vim-gitgutter @ ba0f593 Added vim-orgmode
vim-golang @ 43a8205 Changed snippets to ultisnips
vim-jade @ 5763589 Changed stuff regarding indentation
vim-javascript @ f8122fd Added vim-orgmode
vim-json @ 3029554 Updated submodules
vim-less @ 5d965c2 Changed stuff regarding indentation
vim-markdown @ b02182e Added vim-orgmode
vim-multiple-cursors @ 35028be Updated submodules
vim-node.js @ 0b5146f Added vim-dasm && updated submodules
vim-rails @ bfc64ed Added vim-orgmode
vim-surround @ 42e9b46 Updated submodules
.gitkeep Initial commit
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