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GEMTOOL - keep it simple silly!

Yesterday I was trying to find out if there are any tools which could be used to handle installed gems. After 2 hours, the end result is nothing but a boat load of crappy tools and a fully frustated teenager. What the hell? Every link I open leads to some page where the self-centered egoistical programmer shows a piece of code and continues to tell that their oh so great code will solve all our problems by installing required gems in rails project. Forget about rails. I want to manage gems on my system and between rvm gemsets.

The solution is this tool.


  • Download the source into a new directory and go into that
  • To install
    • Type make install as root
    • Type make install prefix=$HOME/usr as user

Voila! gemtool is installed. You can access it from the command line using gemtool


Read the wiki for more detailed usage tutorial.

Usage: gemtool [actions | [options] commands]

    -i, --install FILE               Install the gems from the given gem list
    -u, --uninstall FILE             Uninstall the gems from the given gem list
    -t, --update                     Updates all the outdated gems
    -p, --prune                      Removes all the older versions of gems while keeping that latest intact
    -c, --clean FILE                 Make your gem list equal to given gem list

    -v, --version                    Version of gemtool
    -h, --help                       Display this screen

    -d, --[no-]doc                   Install documentation (default false)
    -s, --source URL                 Use URL as the remote source for gems


  • Make the tool work on windows
  • Add inline support rvm gemsets
  • Implement other native gem options


Pavan Kumar Sunkara

pavan [dot] sss1991 [at] gmail [dot] com

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