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PHP based file system Database and Query Language for small scale database applications

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 Name: PDQL
 Description: Php based Database and Query Language
 Author: Pavan Kumar Sunkara <>
 Copyright: Copyright (C) 2009 Sun Web dev, Inc.
 Licence: You may redistribute this under Creative Commons License

This project is called as PDQL. It means PHP based Database and Query Language.
* Generally we use Mysql with PHP to create web applications. But PHP can also be used to create some application in Linux using the php-cli program. When we are creating such a type of program, we need Mysql or some other Database program to use it. This can be used in such cases. 
* Also when u design a small database web application, you can use this if you find using a big database program like MySql is absolutely unnecessary.
* One another instance for a great use of this is when your run out of number of databases in your web host.
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