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OpenDetex - Version 2.8.10 UNRELEASED

OpenDetex is a program to remove TeX constructs from a text file.  It recognizes
the \input command.

This program assumes it is dealing with LaTeX input if it sees the string
"\begin{document}" in the text.  It recognizes the \include and \includeonly

This directory contains the following files:

README -	you're looking at it.

ChangeLog -	detailed history of changes done in different versions of the program

COPYRIGHT -	information about program authors and license

INSTALL   -	how to compile the program

Makefile -	makefile for generating detex

detex.1l -	troff source for the detex manual page.
		Assuming you have the -man macros, use "make man-page" to
		generate it.

detex.c -	C code generated from detex.l distributed to allow
		building from source without having Flex installed

detex.h -	Various global definitions.  These should be modified to suit
		the local installation.

detex.l -	Lex/Flex and C source for the detex program.

This software package is distributed under the NCSA/University of
Illinois Open Source License.

OpenDetex was created by Piotr Kubowicz from version 2.8 of Detex
program by Daniel Trinkle, obtained from

Currently home of OpenDetex is GitHub:
You can check for latest version, submit bug reports or patches, or
ask for becoming team member there.
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