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-- Copyright 2013-17 Paul Kulchenko, ZeroBrane LLC
local q = EscapeMagic
local modpref = ide.MODPREF
ide.proto.Document = {__index = {
GetFileName = function(self) return self.fileName end,
GetFilePath = function(self) return self.filePath end,
GetFileExt = function(self) return GetFileExt(self.fileName) end,
GetFileModifiedTime = function(self) return self.modTime end,
GetEditor = function(self) return self.editor end,
GetTabIndex = function(self)
local notebook = self.editor:GetParent():DynamicCast("wxAuiNotebook")
local index = notebook:GetPageIndex(self.editor)
-- index may be -1 when `GetPageIndex` is called when the editor is already
-- removed from the notebook; return non-existing index to continue
return index >= 0 and index or notebook:GetPageCount(), notebook
IsModified = function(self) return self.editor:GetModify() end,
IsNew = function(self) return self.filePath == nil end,
IsActive = function(self)
if not self.editor then return false end
local index, notebook = self:GetTabIndex()
return notebook:GetSelection() == index
SetFilePath = function(self, path) self.filePath = path end,
SetFileName = function(self, name)
local newext = not self.fileName or not name or GetFileExt(name) ~= GetFileExt(self.fileName)
self.fileName = name
-- reset the editor based on the set name
local editor = self.editor
if editor and newext then
editor:Colourise(0, -1)
editor:ResetTokenList() -- reset list of tokens if this is a reused editor
SetFileModifiedTime = function(self, modtime) self.modTime = modtime end,
SetModified = function(self, modified)
if modified == false then self.editor:SetSavePoint() end
SetTabText = function(self, text)
local modpref = ide.config.editor.modifiedprefix or modpref
local index, notebook = self:GetTabIndex()
(self:IsModified() and modpref or '')..(text or self:GetTabText()))
if ide.config.editor.showtabtooltip and ide:IsValidProperty(notebook, "SetPageToolTip") then
notebook:SetPageToolTip(index, self:GetFilePath() or text or self:GetTabText())
if ide.config.editor.showtabicon
and ide:IsValidProperty(notebook, "GetImageList")
and ide:IsValidProperty(notebook, "SetPageImage") then
if not notebook:GetImageList() then
if notebook:GetImageList() then
ide:GetProjectTree():GetFileImage(self:GetFilePath() or text or self:GetTabText()))
GetTabText = function(self)
local modpref = ide.config.editor.modifiedprefix or modpref
local index, notebook = self:GetTabIndex()
if index == nil then return self.fileName end
return (notebook:GetPageText(index):gsub("^"..q(modpref), ""))
SetActive = function(self)
if not self.editor then return false end
local index, notebook = self:GetTabIndex()
if index and notebook:GetSelection() ~= index then notebook:SetSelection(index) end
-- when the active editor is changed while the focus is away from the application
-- (as happens on OSX when the editor is selected from the command bar)
-- the focus stays on wxAuiToolBar component, so need to explicitly switch it.
-- this is needed because SetFocus doesn't reset the focus if it's already on the target.
if ide.osname == "Macintosh" and ide.infocus then ide.infocus = self.editor end
Save = function(self) return SaveFile(self.editor, self.filePath) end,
Close = function(self) return ClosePage(self:GetTabIndex()) end,
CloseAll = function(self, opts)
-- opts.keep=true/false -- keep the current document (false)
-- opts.scope="section"/"notebook"/"project"/"all" -- ("all")
-- opts.dryrun=true/false -- return the list of documents and not close (false)
if not opts then opts = {} end
local index, nb = self:GetTabIndex()
local tabctrl = opts.scope == "section" and nb:GetTabCtrl(self.editor) or nil
-- if the tab control is not available and `section` is requested as the scope,
-- change the scope to the `notebook`. This shouldn't normally happen,
-- but may if the tab control is checked before the frame is fully set up.
if not tabctrl and opts.scope == "section" then opts.scope = "notebook" end
local toclose = {}
for _, document in ipairs(ide:GetDocumentList()) do
local dindex, dnb = document:GetTabIndex()
local path = document:GetFilePath()
if (not opts.keep or dnb ~= nb or dindex ~= index)
and (not opts.scope or opts.scope == "all" -- close all if the scope is not set
or (opts.scope == "notebook" and nb:GetPageIndex(document:GetEditor()) >= 0)
or (opts.scope == "project" and path and ide:IsProjectSubDirectory(path))
-- if the document is in the same tab control (for split notebooks)
or (opts.scope == "section" and tabctrl and tabctrl:GetIdxFromWindow(document:GetEditor()) >= 0)
) then
table.insert(toclose, document)
if opts.dryrun then return toclose end
-- close pages in the reverse order (as ids shift when pages are closed)
for i = #toclose, 1, -1 do
if not toclose[i]:Close() then return false end
return true
ide.proto.Plugin = {__index = {
GetName = function(self) return end,
GetFileName = function(self) return self.fname end,
GetFilePath = function(self) return MergeFullPath(GetPathWithSep(ide.editorFilename), self.fpath) end,
GetConfig = function(self) return rawget(ide.config,self.fname) or {} end,
GetSettings = function(self) return SettingsRestorePackage(self.fname) end,
SetSettings = function(self, settings, opts) SettingsSavePackage(self.fname, settings, opts) end,
ide.proto.Interpreter = {__index = {
GetName = function(self) return end,
GetFileName = function(self) return self.fname end,
GetExePath = function(self, ...) return self:fexepath(...) end,
GetAPI = function(self) return self.api end,
GetCommandLineArg = function(self, name)
return ide.config.arg and (ide.config.arg.any or ide.config.arg[name or self.fname])
UpdateStatus = function(self)
local cla = self.takeparameters and self:GetCommandLineArg()
ide:SetStatus( and #cla > 0 and ": "..cla or ""), 4)
fprojdir = function(self,wfilename)
return wfilename:GetPath(wx.wxPATH_GET_VOLUME)
fworkdir = function(self,wfilename)
local proj = ide:GetProject()
return proj and proj:gsub("[\\/]$","") or wfilename:GetPath(wx.wxPATH_GET_VOLUME)
fattachdebug = function(self) ide:GetDebugger():SetOptions() end,
ide.proto.Debugger = {__index = {
IsRunning = function(self) return self.running end,
IsConnected = function(self) return self.server end,
IsListening = function(self) return self.listening end,
GetHostName = function(self) return self.hostname end,
GetPortNumber = function(self) return self.portnumber end,
GetConsole = function(self)
local debugger = self
return function(...) return debugger:shell(...) end
GetDataOptions = function(self, options)
local cfg = ide.config.debugger
local params = {
comment = false, nocode = true, numformat = cfg.numformat, metatostring = cfg.showtostring,
maxlevel = cfg.maxdatalevel, maxnum = cfg.maxdatanum, maxlength = cfg.maxdatalength,
for k, v in pairs(options or {}) do params[k] = v end
return params
ide.proto.ID = {
__index = function(_, id) return _G['ID_'] end,
__call = function(_, id) return IDgen(id) end,