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This is the model "Heterogeneous Event LSTM"(HELSTM) for the paper "Learning the Joint Representation of Heterogeneous Temporal Events for Clinical Endpoint Prediction"

You can find the paper here shows how we used HELSTM to do end-to-end prediction. Data will be load from "/data/", or you can change data_path in

We divided all data into three parts: train_data, valid_data and test_datam, and processed data into h5py format, containing "time", "label", "event", "feature_id" and "feature_value". Data sequences should have the same length (by padding 0 in the end) and we set length to 1000 in

How to use the data generator:

1.put extractor.cpp and under the same directory as the origin mimic data.

2.compile and run extractor.cpp as: g++ extractor.cpp -o extractor ./extractor as python

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