Scripts for modifying audiobook pacing
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Audiobook Pacer

This script allows changing the reading pace of audiobooks. It does so by lengthening or shortening pauses the reader takes between sentences / paragraphs.


The following command lengthens all pauses longer than 0.6 seconds by 25%. Use ./audiobookpacer.rb -h for all options.

./audiobookpacer.rb --length 0.6 --ratio 1.25 input.wav output.wav

These default values are suitable for making The Hunger Games audiobook more enjoyable.

Since the program cannot read/write MP3's natively, there's a separate script that converts an entire directory of MP3 files:

./ input_dir/ output_dir/ --length 0.6 --ratio 1.25


For the main script:

  • Ruby
  • libsndfile development files
    • sudo apt-get install libsndfile1-dev
  • ruby-audio gem
    • gem install ruby-audio

For the MP3 conversion script:

  • mpg123
  • lame
  • id3cp
    • sudo apt-get install mpg123 lame libid3-tools