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Tray application to perform actions based on received frames from the Leap motion controller. Uses polling because this seemed more stable than the listener.

Used 2.2.5.x SDK for Linux from

Current actions are

  • Close application: Action that sends an ALT + F4 command when an open right hand is closed to a fist within consecutive frames.
  • Log process call: Action that is disabled at startup and logs information of the frame.
  • Minimize application: Action that sends an CNTRL + ALT + 0 command when at least the index finger of the right hand is detected and this is moved to the left within consecutive frames (> 75 difference for the x-coordinate of the index finger).

Tray icon actions:

  • exit: Closes leapcontrol
  • [List of actions]: Information about the status (enabled/disabled) of the current actions. Selecting the action toggles the status.

Building and running leapcontrol

The used libraries are for 64 bit linux and the Windows libraries are not included. The generated Windows batch file is also disabled. With the correct libraries and script setup leapcontrol should also work in 32 bit Linux or Windows.

  • Run gradlew distZip to build the distribution zip.
  • Extract the generated 'build/distributions/' in the desired location.
  • Go to the 'bin' directory in the extracted location and run the 'leapcontrol' script.