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Placed Affiliate SDK


The Placed SDK for Android is designed to help you add Placed location gathering to your app. It exposes simple public API calls that can be used to turn on and off location gathering.

The SDK has been designed for easy setup and integration with both new and existing mobile applications.


Integrating the Placed SDK into your app involves a few steps as described below.

First, add the dependency to your project

Before you can integrate the Placed SDK into your app, you need to add the relevant dependency to your app.

  1. Add the following to your root build.gradle file:

    allprojects {
        repositories {
            // other repositories
            maven { url "" }
  2. Add the following to your app build.gradle file:

    dependencies {
        // other dependencies go here...
        // Use the latest patch version of the Placed SDK
        // noinspection AndroidLintGradleDynamicVersion
        compile 'com.placed.client:android-persistent-sdk:5.0.+'
        // NOTE: If you use any Google Play services APIs above version
        // 10.0.1, add the following to avoid crashes caused by inconsistent
        // API versions.
        compile('<your-version>') {
            force = true
        compile('<your-version>') {
            force = true
  3. You may encounter Lint error: 'InvalidPackage: Package not included in Android' related to Okio and Retrofit. (This is a known issue with Okio that you can read about here.)

    If so, create a lint.xml with the following contents:

        <issue id="InvalidPackage">
            <ignore regexp=".*okio.*" />
            <ignore regexp=".*retrofit.*" />

    And reference it from your app build.gradle file:

    android {
        // ...
        lintOptions {
            lintConfig file("lint.xml")

At this point your app should build, although the Placed SDK will not start yet.

Second, integrate the Placed SDK

Once you've added the Placed SDK as an app dependency, completing installation of the Placed SDK to your app involves a couple more steps:

  1. Prompt for location permission.
  2. Register the user with Placed SDK.

Location Permission

As outlined in Section 5 of the Placed Affiliate Agreement, you must satisfy two requirements prior to registering a user with the Placed SDK:

  1. Gather Express Consent for User Data Collection via Opt-in Dialog
    In addition having a legally compliant privacy policy describing Placed’s collection of location and device information, you must include a discrete opt-in dialog which gathers express consent for data collection. This dialog appears prior to the fine location permission prompt, and includes:

    • The language: “Aggregated device data, including location and apps, is measured for the purposes of market research by Placed, Inc.
    • Links to the Placed Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
    • Buttons to “Accept” or “Cancel”
  2. Prompt for Fine Location Permission
    Eligible users must allow fine location permission, which subsequently triggers app registration as described in the Register a User section.

For an example of the opt-in dialog and location permission prompt, please refer to the main activity of the sample app. We have also provided a gallery for inspiration on how you can better integrate the opt-in experience into your app.

Register a user

Once you've prompted for location permission and gathered express consent to collect user data, you need to register your user with the Placed SDK. There are two options when registering a user with the Placed SDK.

Option 1: Add your Placed app key to your AndroidManifest.xml
<meta-data android:name="placed_app_key" android:value="YOUR_APP_KEY" />

And then call:


For an example, see the main activity in the sample app.

Option 2: Add your Placed app key at runtime

All you have to do is call:

PlacedAgent.registerUser(this, "YOUR_APP_KEY");

How to join

Please contact your Placed representative to find out how to register your account. If you do not have a representative yet, please email


For further guidance, please contact


Placed SDK for Android



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