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sub author_tests { }
sub use_test_base { warn "You need to install Test::Base to run make test from git clone" }
sub readme_from { }
sub install_share { warn "You need to install Module::Install::Share to install from git clone" }
use inc::Module::Install;
use Module::AutoInstall;
name 'Plack';
all_from 'lib/';
readme_from 'lib/';
requires 'Class::Accessor::Fast';
requires 'LWP'; # HTTP::Status, HTTP::Headers and HTTP::Request
requires 'HTTP::Body', 1.05;
requires 'URI';
requires 'HTTP::Request::AsCGI', 0.9;
requires 'CGI::Simple::Cookie'; # Plack::Response
requires 'Pod::Usage'; # plackup
requires 'File::ShareDir'; # Plack::Test::Suite
feature 'Fast XS-based HTTP header parsing',
'HTTP::Parser::XS', 0.03;
feature 'Prefork HTTP server',
feature 'Serve static files with sendfile(2)',
-default => 0,
'Sys::Sendfile' => 0.09,
'IO::AIO' => 3.3;
requires 'Devel::StackTrace'; # Middleware::StackTrace
requires 'Devel::StackTrace::AsHTML'; # Middleware::StackTrace
feature 'Stacktrace with lexical variables',
requires 'Path::Class'; # Middleware::Static
requires 'MIME::Types'; # Middleware::Static
build_requires 'Test::More', 0.88;
build_requires 'Test::TCP', 0.11;
test_requires 'Test::Requires';
test_requires 'Test::Exception';
tests 't/*.t t/*/*.t t/*/*/*.t t/*/*/*/*.t t/*/*/*/*/*.t';
author_tests 'xt';
install_share 'share';
install_script 'scripts/plackup';
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