Plack::Util::load_class security vulnerabilities #285

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load_class doesn't, for example, check for things like "..::..::" in module names, which can lead to potential security issues if untrusted user input is passed to load_class.

This danger should either be mentioned in the documentation, or better checks should be performed before requiring a module. Module::Runtime (on CPAN) is a good example of how to check module names and require them.

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I can argue that if untrusted user input is passed to this method it is vulnerable anyway.

But yes I know the long story about that:


Indeed - it's a dangerous thing to do. But the existence of the Plack::Util::load_class function may lull people into a false sense of security. ("Of course I can do it! Miyagawa has provided this cool function which will take care of all the tricky bits.") A prominent warning in the documentation would be a good start.

@miyagawa miyagawa closed this in 931e921 Aug 13, 2012
@miyagawa miyagawa added a commit that referenced this issue Aug 14, 2012
@miyagawa miyagawa Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.0002.
Changelog diff is:

diff --git a/Changes b/Changes
index 799d98c..d1144bf 100644
--- a/Changes
+++ b/Changes
@@ -1,5 +1,18 @@
 Go to for the roadmap and known issues.

+1.0002  Mon Aug 13 17:04:25 PDT 2012
+        - Added --no-default-middleware option to plackup #290
+    [BUG FIXES]
+        - Use C locale for AccessLog strftime #313
+        - Escape Plack::Request URI path using RFC 3986 definition (ssmccoy)
+        - Documentation improvements (ether, Tom Heady)
+        - Skip displaying ".." in Plack::App::Directory #277
+        - Document load_class() doesn't validate user input. #285
 1.0001  Thu Jul 26 16:24:13 PDT 2012
         - Deleted lots of code, methods and warnings that have been deprecated since 0.99
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