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t/Plack-Middleware/error_document_streaming_app.t failure #336

dairiki opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I think the fix is that Plack should depend on Test::TCP~1.02.


I'm running on a Debian squeeze system with a number of debian's cpan packages installed.
Upon attempting to install (into a local::lib) Plack 1.0004, the test named in the subject line fails.

The output from t/Plack-Middleware/error_document_streaming_app.t is

ok 1
ok 2
ok 3
ok 4
ok 1
ok 2
ok 3
ok 4

The test_harness rightly complains:

t/Plack-Middleware/error_document_streaming_app.t (Wstat: 0 Tests: 8 Failed: 0)
  Parse errors: Tests out of sequence.  Found (1) but expected (5)
                Tests out of sequence.  Found (2) but expected (6)
                Tests out of sequence.  Found (3) but expected (7)
                Tests out of sequence.  Found (4) but expected (8)
                Bad plan.  You planned 4 tests but ran 8.
Result: FAIL
Failed 1/118 test programs. 0/806 subtests failed.

The underlying problem seems to be a bug in Test::SharedFork 0.11. Test::SharedFork~0.12 fixes the issue.

Depending on Test::TCP~1.02 is sufficient to pull in Test::SharedFork~0.12.
(Alternatively, Plack could add a direct (build?) dependency on Test::SharedFork~0.12.)

@miyagawa miyagawa closed this in 627db72

Thanks for the quick fix!

But I think you mis-typed/-read the version.

Version 1.02 of Test::TCP is required (which in turn requires Test::SharedFork 0.12).

@miyagawa miyagawa referenced this issue from a commit
@miyagawa miyagawa make it 1.02. Fix #336 9bbfcdb

9bbfcdb look correct. Thanks!

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