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wreis commented May 13, 2012

No description provided.

miyagawa and others added some commits Mar 31, 2012

HTTPExceptions streaming interface. Fixes #266
When the app dies after writer is retrieved in the streaming mode,
it might be late for setting HTTP headers, but maybe not so for the
code and body parts hence my suggestion of implementation.

wreis replied May 17, 2012

As the other packages are using base instead of parent.

well, which packages? In Plack, we standardize to "use parent" almost (there seems some leftovers in .t files though).
Again, not that it matters much, just taking this as an opportunity to express my preference to be consistent.

use 4 space indent, no spaces around parens.

I really don't understand this patch. $respond should not be called twice once $writer is returned, no?

wreis commented May 17, 2012

Issue relies on the fact that although we got a $writer back, something might thrown an exception while streaming, see: wreis/Plack@894a3ef#L1R34.

@wreis wreis closed this Mar 23, 2013

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