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@@ -240,6 +240,23 @@ using it.
=item *
+C<>: The raw IO socket to access the client connection to do
+low-level socket operations. This is only available in PSGI servers
+that run as an HTTP server, and should be used when (and only when)
+you want to I<jailbreak> out of PSGI abstraction, to implement
+protocols over HTTP such as BOSH or WebSocket.
+=item *
+C<psgix.input.buffered>: A boolean which is true if the HTTP request
+body (for POST or PUT requests) is buffered using a temporary
+filehandle or PerlIO in C<psgi.input>. When this is set, applications
+or middleware components can safely C<read> from C<psgi.input> without
+worrying about non-blocking I/O and then can call C<seek> to rewind
+the input for the transparent access.
+=item *
C<psgix.logger>: A code reference to log messages. The code reference
is passed one argument as a hash reference that represents a message
to be logged. The hash reference B<MUST> include at least two keys:
@@ -364,7 +381,7 @@ and B<SHOULD> be an HTTP status code as documented in L<RFC
The headers B<MUST> be an array reference (B<not> a hash reference)
of key/value pairs. This means it B<MUST> contain an even number of elements.
-The header B<MUST NOT> contain a key named C<Status>, onr any keys with C<:>
+The header B<MUST NOT> contain a key named C<Status>, nor any keys with C<:>
or newlines in their name. It B<MUST NOT> contain any keys that end in C<-> or

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