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Promote psgi.streaming, nonblocking and run_once keys to be MUST.

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1 parent 56526c1 commit 38d724bf3e89ff5e2685488a60548c8539d0c221 @miyagawa miyagawa committed Jan 18, 2010
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@@ -13,11 +13,10 @@ framework developers.
Please keep in mind that PSGI is not Yet Another web application
framework. PSGI is a specification to decouple web server environments
-from web application framework code. Nor is PSGI a web
-application API. Web application developers (end users) will not
-run their web applications directly using the PSGI
-interface, but instead are encouraged to use frameworks that
-support PSGI. There is also a reference PSGI implementation called Plack.
+from web application framework code. Nor is PSGI a web application
+API. Web application developers (end users) will not run their web
+applications directly using the PSGI interface, but instead are
+encouraged to use frameworks that support PSGI.
@@ -216,12 +215,6 @@ C<psgi.multiprocess>: This is a boolean value, which B<MUST> be true if an
equivalent application object may be simultaneously invoked by another
process, false otherwise.
-The PSGI environment B<MAY> also include these optional PSGI keys:
-=over 4
=item *
C<psgi.run_once>: A boolean which is true if the server expects (but does not
@@ -516,6 +509,27 @@ of a server. Middleware B<MAY> decide not to support the streaming interface
discussed earlier, but B<SHOULD> pass through the response types that it doesn't
+1.1: 2010.02.xx
+=over 4
+=item *
+C<psgi.streaming> B<SHOULD> be implemented by PSGI servers, rather than B<MAY>.
+=item *
+PSGI keys C<psgi.run_once>, C<psgi.nonblocking> and C<psgi.streaming>
+B<MUST> be set by PSGI servers.
+=item *
+Removed C<poll_cb> from writer methods.
Some parts of this specification are adopted from the following specifications.

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