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1 parent daf1469 commit 426ef61a171d0cde5e0023116877e584b9f40ed0 @karenetheridge karenetheridge committed Dec 14, 2011
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4 PSGI.pod
@@ -268,8 +268,8 @@ B<SHOULD> be prefixed uniquely.
The C<psgi.> prefix is reserved for use with the PSGI core
specification, and C<psgix.> prefix is reserved for officially blessed
extensions. These prefixes B<MUST NOT> be used by other servers or
-application. See L<psgi-extensions|PSGI::Extentions> for the list of
-officially approved extentions.
+application. See L<psgi-extensions|PSGI::Extensions> for the list of
+officially approved extensions.
The environment B<MUST NOT> contain keys named C<HTTP_CONTENT_TYPE> or
2 PSGI/Extensions.pod
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
=head1 NAME
-PSGI::Extensions - PSGI extentions
+PSGI::Extensions - PSGI extensions

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