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6 PSGI/FAQ.pod
@@ -192,10 +192,10 @@ If you write a plugin or an extension to support PSGI for an
such as C<Camper::Engine::PSGI>.
If you write a web server that supports PSGI interface, then name it
-however you want. You can optionally support L<Plack::Server>'s
+however you want. You can optionally support L<Plack::Handler>'s
abstract interface or write an adapter for it, which is:
- my $server = Plack::Server::FooBar->new(%opt);
+ my $server = Plack::Handler::FooBar->new(%opt);
By supporting this C<new> and C<run> in your server, it becomes
@@ -255,7 +255,7 @@ interface (the C<request_handler> interface) with implementations, and
the monolithic class hierarchy and role based interfaces make it really
hard to write a new backend. We kept the existing HTTP::Engine and broke
it into three parts: The interface specification (PSGI), Reference
-server implementations (Plack::Server) and Standard APIs and Tools
+server implementations (Plack::Handler) and Standard APIs and Tools
=head3 Will HTTP::Engine be dead?
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